Whanganui District Adventure Route

Route Overview

General Overview
The Whanganui District Adventure Route is a full day ride that includes some of the best public gravel roads in the area.
While the route has to include some tarmac to link everything up, the majority of this route is made up of gravel roads that are great fun to ride. If you are looking for a full day loop ride departing from Otorohanga then this Exploration Route is a perfect option.

This Exploration Route is best ridden in good weather as the views on a clear day are superb.
Start/Finish Point
While this Exploration Route can be started at any point along the route, the natural start/finish point is Whanganui. At this location there is are fuel stations to fuel up for the day. The GPX files and route information supplied for this Exploration Route start and finish at Whanganui.
Terrain includes
This route aims to have as many gravel roads as possible and while there are still a reasonable number of tarmac stretches, nice and windy, the number of gravel roads will please any gravel seeking rider. All the gravel roads included in this route are Grade 1.
310 km.
Ride Time
This is a full day ride. The actual time taken will depend on how long you spend at some of the natural stopping points such as the lookouts, lakes, rivers etc. The average seat time for the entire route is 5.5 hours. It is recommended to start this route early in the morning so that you are not rushing later in the day.
Access Permission
All roads within this Exploration Route are publicly accessible so access permission is not required.
Access Limitations
This Exploration Route is recommended for fine weather. While it is possible to ride this route all year round, if there has been recent heavy rain there can be slippery muddy sections.
Preparation and Safety
While this is not considered a technical route it does include a few semi-remote areas so it is recommended to ride this as a group with typical adventure riding equipment including bike tools, spares and a PLB or emergency beacon.

Legs in this Exploration Route

Leg 1 <span>(26 photos)</span>
Leg 1 (26 photos)