King Country Exploration Route #2 - Leg 1

Leg 1 - Details

SH43 Leaving Taumarunui.
Roto Road.
Huia Road.
Waitaanga Road.
Kiwi Road.
Kiwi Road.
Kiwi Road.
Kiwi Road Tunnel.
Uruti Road.
Uruti Tunnel. Car coming.
Kohangamoa Road. Different type of farming.
Mikes Brewery and Cafe.
The Three Sisters and Elephant Rock. Tongaporutu.
Whitebait Inn Mokau.
Mokau river Inlet.
Mokau Motel.

Leg 1 - Overview

Leg Overview
King Country has some of the North Island's wildest, stunningly beautiful, and most unspoilt terrain. This leg will highlight Ohura, Kiwi Road and tunnel, Moki and Uruti tunnels, Mount Messenger, The Three Sisters and Elephant Rock at Tongaporutu. (16km south of Mokau.)

Leg 1 departs Taumarunui and follows the Whanganui river for 30 kms. It's then onto the metal on Roto Road, following the Ohura river through to Ohura.
A town once known for its coal mining, its inhabitants number 150, down from around 650 during its mining heyday. But the last mine closed in the 1970s and Ohura now is marked by empty streets and shops, with just a few people choosing to make the town their home.

It's then metal through Waitaanga road, with a maximum elevation of 535m. It's then onto the infamous Kiwi Road, a narrow, tight, winding road through native bush with drop offs to the side. Slippery when wet. There is a tunnel at the top of the hill. Through farmland, and then the Moki Road tunnel. Then the Uruti or Kaka Road tunnel, that was constructed between 1916 and 1923, and it links the two roads through a steep ridge. It is sometimes also known locally as the Tangitu tunnel after the stream below. Great views on Kaka Road, and out to SH3 with tarmac up the coast to Mokau, the end of leg 1.
Terrain Overview
The terrain is a mixture of tarmac, grade 1 gravel and grade 2 gravel. It will chop and change between the three terrains a number of times throughout the route.
Leg Distance
190 km.
Ride Time
Conservative seat riding time is 3 hours and 45 minutes however this will vary depending on your riding style.
Forced Detours
It is possible to encounter slips on Kiwi Road.

In this case the detour would be Okau Road to SH3. SH3 to Uruti Road, Uruti and Kaka Road.
Route Cautions
General tarmac cautions exist such as tourist traffic and blind corners. General gravel road cautions exist such as off-camber corners, rain ruts, uneven gravel, blind corners and the presence of loose stock.

Leg 1 - Start Point

Fuel Stations
This route departs from the BP Fuel Station in Taumarunui.
Food Supplies
Taumarunui has a number of food and drink supply options from bakeries to supermarkets.
Cafes / Restaurants
Taumarunui has a number of cafe dining options if you choose to have a meal before you set off. It is best to check opening times if you plan on setting off early however as cafe opening times can fluctuate based on the seasons.

Leg 1 - Enroute

Fuel Stations
Food Supplies
Cafes / Restaurants
140 km into the Leg you will reach Urenui where there is a cafe named Mikes Beer and Cafe on the main highway.
"Mikes Beer and Cafe". Ph 06 752 3676 ext.1
487 Mokau Road
RD44, Urenui.
Only until end April 2019, when it moves to New Plymouth.
The route takes you through a number of great locations offering excellent riding and views as described.

Leg 1 - End Point

Fuel Stations
6 km into Leg 2 you can fuel up at Waitomo Fuel Station in Awakino. This fuel station is a 24/7 self service station. Ph 0800 922 123
Food Supplies
Whitebait Inn for some basic items.
Cafes / Restaurants
The cafes at Mokau have to close at 6.30 as the township is designated SH3. 
"The Whitebait Inn". Ph 06-752 9713.
55 State Highway 3.

"Mokau River Run Cafe". Ph 06-752 9729.
30 North St, Mokau.

The Awakino Hotel 5km away. The hotel has new owners and now gets good reviews on Trip Advisor.
Ph 06-752 9815

There is a caravan for fish and chips etc that is open from 6pm to 1am: "#3 Foods".
The Number Three Foods Food cart will not be returning to Mokau this summer.
"We wish to thank all the regular customers for their support and encouragement, be they the locals of Mokau, the Taranaki locals, the refugee's from north of the Awakino Gorge escaping for the weekend and the overseas tourists.
The final straw was NZTA's refusal to meet in person to discuss their requirements that we remove the menu and all other signage off the outside of the food cart, making it completely plain in appearance. With this demand and the refusal to allow any sort of signage advising people as they entered Mokau of our presence it was not economical viable to continue.
The food cart and Number Three Foods are still in Taranaki and may re-appear in some unexpected places very soon so if your still interested keep following us on Facebook."
Mokau Motel or Seaview Holiday Park.
We have stayed at the motel and it is recommended.
Mokau Motel. Ph 06-752 9725.

Seaview Holiday Park. Ph 06-752 9708.

Awakino hotel. Ph 06-752 9815.

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