XRC - Anti-Fatigue Handlebar Mount review by harty7

Apparently these mounts came about from a request from chris birch for the anti-vibe mounts that worked with his XRC steering damper, and he loves them, but how does it stack up for an average (sometimes very average!!!) rider?

First up fitting them was fine, although I had to space the speedo further out with some washers as I was trying the full forward position of the handlebars to start off with.
The build quality is outstanding.

To be honest when I first put them on and I could still feel some vibes I was a bit taken aback, I had imagined feeling nothing, but that's missing the's when you have come through a day of nasty hacky terrain littered with rocks and square edged bumps and you realise your arms and hands are feeling fine that you begin to appreciate how good the mounts are at taking out a lot of feedback!

Unlike the terrible rubber bar mounts on the old kdx 200 that would flex and twist as you rode along there is no vague feeling when using these mounts.
All the individual parts are available, as they are made in the South Island, and Kelly, the man that has designed and manufacturers these is a great guy and very helpful, so just a phone call to paul at motomox should see you right!

I have teamed the mounts up with the xrc steering damper,(if that is something you are thinking of doing let the dealer know,as the top clamps are different)
when i get more time with the damper i will post a review
review by harty7