Wrestling the Unknown (page 2)

It dropped well below zero overnight presenting a fairly chilly start to the day and a good layer of frost on the bike
Not long into the morning I met up with Mark and Daniel at the meeting point. They were bang-on time... good lads!
We started making our way down the Wilberforce Canal to Algidus Road route.
Having a munchy break.
Daniel on his Beta, Mark on his KTM 500.
We soon reached the channels which were relatively easy-going at the start.
As we progressed the channels would often close up and made for some interesting riding.
The further we rode, the rockier the channels became. By the end, they were simply channels of boulders. It was pretty challenging stuff and certainly a workout.

We successfully knocked off the channels and stared making our way back to the main gravel road. Would I ride these channels again? Well, it was good fun and great to knock off the challenge, but it was pretty punishing stuff. Riding this route may only be a oncer ;)
Heading out of the river valley and up to the gravel road.
Once last look out over the Lake Coleridge before heading home.
Reference Link : Coleridge Intake Lookout

If you are interested in riding this area then check out the Wilberforce Explorer – Exploration Route. It has all of the route information, hut and camping information plus downloadable GPX files for the entire area. There is simply no better resource available. Click here: Wilberforce Explorer.

Author of this article: RMOTO