Where do you keep your PLB?

People, people, people. Please seriously consider carrying your PLB on your person when riding. If you have a serious injury while riding, the chances are that your scooter will be some distance from you, probably at the bottom of a dark gully burning furiously. ... or the bike is still on the track and you are at the bottom of the gully burning furiously. Both scenarios are not too flash. Keep. Your. PLB. In. A. Jacket. Pocket. Please.

I keep mine in one of the front pockets on my Nak Pak. My thinking is that if I become a very, very broken homunculus I will most likely have reverted to a womb-like foetal position, sobbing quietly to any livestock/birds that may be sniffing me, wondering if I am edible. In this position I need to be able to easily reach my Wonderful WestPac Helicopter Red Button. No good in a back pack either, if you have bones sticking out from inconvenient spots. I also carry a survival blanket and a truck load of Panadeine in the opposite Nak Pak front pocket. Don't carry Nurophen + as the Ibuprofen is the worst thing to have if you have internal bleeding. Panadeine has the all important Codeine. Trust me, you need Codeine. Codeine good.

I also carry a $20 push-bike rear light flasher thingy. Easier for the Chopper or friends to find me if I am buried deep, arse up in a cabbage patch. I also carry a small 2W CB radio. The other one is given to the person most likely to be riding at my pace. Again, If I disappear off a cliff without any tell-tale skid marks, Friend can wander down the road and I can talk him in. These are quite affordable, a Uniden Tradie Pack. Got mine from JayCars in Rangiora. Oh yeah. Goes without saying to make sure all your riding buddies know where you have stashed your PLB and how to operate it. Pretty darn hard to activate it if you are having an unplanned snooze.

That's it. Rant over. FFS carry your PLB in a front pocket, Team. Gazza. 😎🍸

Author of this article: Ghazzah