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Warder and Lacebark Exploration

Each year, at least once, I really enjoy riding a private High Country station located on the cuff of the Clarence River and accessed via Blind Saddle. While the main tracks offer brilliant riding and epic views, there are a large number of old tracks that are rarely used and offer riders some spectacular riding. Many of these old 4X4 tracks have slips or washouts that mean they are not suitable for 4X4 vehicles however they are perfect for motorbikes if you like challenging Grade 3, 4 and 5 tracks.

A great deal of time was spent researching these old 4X4 tracks as some of them are not easy to find. Topo maps, satellite imagery and a number of phone calls to knowledgeable locals helped assemble a collection of GPX files to start exploring. This trip was one of a handful where we successfully found and rode these epic tracks. The two main tracks ridden on this trip were Lacebark Stream Track and Warder Neck Track.

With packed bikes, we headed up and over Blind Saddle and towards a hut to use as a base. The conditions on the way in were less than ideal and kept us on our toes as the penalty for error are some pretty severe drop-offs!
The hut we used as a base
The team setting off in the morning and sinking our teeth straight into some rocky river terrain to wake our bodies up
We were then off to suss out the first track on the hit list which turned out to be epic!
Then it was onto the second track which was equally as epic with magic views
After a successful weekend exploring it was time to pack the bikes up and head out again. We returned soon after to recommence the track exploring. More on this to follow soon…
Author of this article: RMOTO