Tutoro - Chain Oilers review by Ed74mnd

Chain maintenance… A necessary evil on most motorcycles… One I detest.

Getting on your hands and knees to lube your chain with gooey spray that half runs down the can and half down your hands is a chore.
How much actually gets to where it is supposed to go is a mystery at best.
Most of us begrudgingly accept that this is the price of fun and persist with the ritual.

Unless of course you choose to fit a chain oiler.

Yes... at some point most of us have probably gone down this path to realise they’re not as good as the marketing suggests.
From overly complicated, automated, whizz bang trickery to simple squirt bottles attached to a hose aimed at your chain you can choose the sophistication you or your bike requires.

Ive tried the fancy stuff. GPS to sense movement, programming to ensure correct number of pulses per metre etc… Don’t waste your time, it’s overly complicated crap.

Now Ive discovered the TUTORO Chain oiler. What makes this different?
It’s a clever little gadget that requires no plumbing to vacuum lines and no power to operate.
The bikes movement and a system of weights and valves dispenses the oil when you are in motion and a simple flow control valve lets you meter the amount you need with the setting visible at a glance.

On the F850 I chose to dispense oil just aft of the front sprocket which kept the install practically invisible.
One bug bear of chain oilers are the unsightly lines and associated mounting hardware running down the swing arm.

After a 10km test ride the chain was oiled and everything was working as it should and best of all a fully mechanical system which senses bike movement and regulates oil precisely.

Finally a chain oiler which works...
A barely visible install.
you can see the oil nozzle feeding behind the countershaft sprocket
top view of the oil line
reservoir mount
oiler mount
review by Ed74mnd