Tutoro - Chain Oilers review by TransalperNZ

I have the Auto Oiler on both my old Transalp and now the WR250R too.  I like it a lot more than the others I have tried including the Scottoilers.  The Tuturo's are simple to install with no need to hook in to the bikes electrics or vaccum lines.  They do as advertised, I have had no drips after stopping the bikes.  As for extending the chain life, well it would be the same as for any oiler, I have no doubt a road bike would benifit but there is a lot of debate out there about the effectiveness of oilers on Adventure bikes in gravel and dirt.  At the very least I don't think it hurts, at the best it helps when we get back on the tarmac.  I have mounted the resovor up where I can see and adjust the flow as I wish depending upon conditions.  I chose the single feed nozzle and have positioned it to drip on the chain up where it leaves the front sprocket on the Transalp and slightly further back on the WR where I drilled through the bottom bump rubber.

One thing I imagine some people might have issue with is the capacity, it's enough for me but less than the standard Scottoiler.

 I also tried the much smaller manual version but found it didn't hold anywhere near enough oil for my application and turning it on and off manually annoyed me, especially after the inevitable puddle on the floor from forgetting.  I'd never go with anyones manual system again.

Mounted on the Transalp next to the dash.
Single Feed behind front sprocket cover as chain leaves sprocket.
Mounted on the handlebar of my WR250R
Drips from a hole I drilled in the bottom bump rubber. Seems to work ok there and doesn't get clogged up with the mud that the WR is put through at times.
review by TransalperNZ