Triangia 27-3 UL stove/cook set review by Happyratcliff

I have had this set for a few years, I picked it up at a garage sale. I tend to use my MSR or Primus white gas stoves when on trips but my last trip I took the trangia set. I was very impressed with the heating efficiency and most of all the ease of use, no plugging in pumps and fuel bottles, no priming, no pre heating just straight into the cooking. It will now be my go to stove/cook set, its amazing. The pots are a good size for 1-2 people and the wee pan is great. The handle locks on solidly to the pans and makes handling hot items a breeze. I used meths for fuel ant it's very fuel efficient I expect you could get easily 5 days morning and night cooking from a litre fuel bottle.
This has become my favourite stove!
In cooking mode, primus 1 litre bottle gives some idea of scale
Packed away ready for the next mission