Trail Tech - Voyager review by chainsawbike

Great for off-road trails/paper roads.

Not suitable as a navigation device for around town.

I have used it for various multi-day trips as my only navigation device without issue ( besides a paper map that i have never needed...).

Loads and saves .gpx files from a microsd card (size and gpx point limits are large enough to not be noticed ). Be aware that in their marketing material it shows what looks like a road map, this is just a set of gpx track logs.

It has various screens that can be easily switched between while riding:
Two "main screens", one being dominated by a graph tach the other a speedo and compass, both with various other stats.
Two "map screens" with independent, easily changed zoom levels.
A "to way-point" screen showing a compass with an arrow pointing to a way-point, distance to the way-point and a stop-watch
And various others like an engine temp graph, altitude graph and gps status.

The visibility of the display is fairly good, but will be affected when when viewing from polarized glasses.

It has an internal battery but is designed to be wired into the bike, so no need to worry about charging it, but you can easily remove it and attach to something else, I have used it on my brothers sailing boat to gather speed and distance data for example.

ps: if you have had one of these for a while, check for firmware updates :)
the trail tech voyager, attached to a bike in a small hole.
review by chainsawbike