Third Gear - Rear Throw Over Luggage System review by pshipley

It is definitely a case of you get what you pay for. When it first arrived I was ecstatic, it was exactly what I needed for an exceedingly low price.

The bag was used extensively (think most weekends) for day trips as well as longer camping trips. But by the end of the first year it was shot, with multiple wear holes and delamination of the plasticised fabric (I think this was caused by leaking bug spray).

The bag doesn't claim to be waterproof, I suspect it is showerproof, but it does come with a rain cover for the wet days. I've never had to use the cover so I can't vouch for it's effectiveness, but it looks like it would do the job

It all comes with plenty of straps and a few bungees giving lots of fitting options depending on your set-up. Just make sure you don't put hard objects on the bottom, I did and it has worn a few little holes in places.

I replaced it with an SW Motec Cargobag - they have the same capacity and a very similar design (I suspect the Thirdgear version is a copy of the SW Motech, but I could be wrong). Also the Cargobag's main compartment is waterproof, Thirdgear isn't waterproof at all.

The SW Motech is significantly more expensive 4x in NZ, 3x if you import from Europe, but the quality is far superior. I've only used it for 4 months so far but it is holding up really well. I have a lot more confidence that the Motech wont let me down in the field.

It will definitely outlast the Thirdgear bag, but will it last 3 or 4 years to make the price difference worthwhile - that remains to be seen, but I suspect so.

So if you need a 50L throwover bag for the occasional outing, then get the Thirdgear, you really can't go wrong. If you going to use it a lot then think about the SW Motech version.
Loaded up on a F650GS
Loaded up on a WR250R
review by pshipley