Third Gear - Rear Throw Over Luggage System review by harty7

you definately get what you pay for....these bags are well thought out with some great features but are badly let down by the cheap construction,for $70ish dollars nothing comes close to value for money if you are using it for light loads on the road for short periods of time but they are not adventure worthy.
i had mine for about 1.5 years and totally destroyed it on the last dusty butt,i had always had trouble with the stitching letting go on the straps and around the zips but kept on repairing it.
finally it self destructed with the seams blowing,material ripping and straps tearing off.
as much as im going to give it a low score i do think the concept is a great one and if the manufacturer could go up to the next level of materials and stitching,(with the idea of coming in at the $140/150 price mark)they would seriously be on to a winner!!
this is the bottom view,note the split/rip on the lh side and the blown stitching on the right.
if the makers beefed this system up with better materials and stitching they would have a winner!
review by harty7