Third Gear - Rear Throw Over Luggage System review by Rodney1972

For value for money this bag is awesome. I paid about $75 from Third Gear website, I've used this luggage on two bike trips. The first was an overnight stay in the Grampians. The second was a 21day 7,000km trip from Torquay to Ayres Rock and back. The bag did a brilliant job, you can fit quite a bit of stuff in it, the size is surprisingly big. In fact I overpacked it a little and by the end of the trip is had a few rips which are not worth repairing because it is so cheap to buy another one. Mind you the rips could be attributed to the 3 billion corrugation we crossed, I took this bag on some very rough terrain.

The straps that come with it are so handy, I strapped my sleeping bag and an Ice Mule esky to it for the trip and it performed great. We only encountered a little rain on the trip which would be its only downfall. It is not waterproof and the waterproof cover which comes with it once packed doesn't fit.Everything I put into the bag I made sure was in a waterproof bag just incase. I am buying another one for my next trip.

If you want proof the bag made the trip check out this video.
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review by Rodney1972