The Savaged Lewis

My sister was moving to Karamea and asked me to ride with her as she’d never ridden to Karamea before. Because I haven’t been there in over a year I thought it was a perfect reason to pack the bike and head over. A recent storm that hit Lewis Pass fairly heavily made for some impressive sights. Numerous new slips and road damage lay around just about every corner. We followed in behind a fast moving front that dumped another heavy load of rain so the hillsides were oozing water with many dormant waterfalls in full swing.

Photo 1 of The Savaged Lewis
Along the way Kylie was collecting Mototokens
Reference Link : Speargrass Flat
Just one of the many sections alongside rivers that were savaged by the weather. Above this slip is the SH7 road just meters away from the edge. While we were there, rocks were continually falling away from the bank. It will be interesting to see how they approach the road repair
The heaving water was deafening at the Inangahua Waterfalls Mototoken
Reference Link : Inangahua Waterfalls
Heading into a campsite; someone was following their brother a little too close through a muddy section :)
Heading into camp along a washed out track
While the previous day was windy, cloudy and cold, the next day was warm, calm, with ample blue sky
Reference Link : Rosemount
Setting a new Mototoken
Reference Link : Lovells Point
The steep rocky little track down to the Lovells Point Mototoken
Setting a new Mototoken for the highly photographed Hawks Crag
Reference Link : Hawks Crag
Setting a new Mototoken
Reference Link : Ohikanui River Bridge
Setting a new Mototoken
Magic views from View Hill Saddle Lookout Mototoken
Reference Link : View Hill Saddle Lookout
Views out the window of the batch. The grand old tree on the left is home to an array of native birds which makes for great evening viewing as they come and go about their business
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