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Skippers Canyon Road (page 2)

Maori Point
Skippers in Winter
Shotover River
Skippers Bridge
Skippers Bridge

Going back towards the cemetery — next to it there is a very interesting route called Bullendale Track or the Tiger Trail. This one is very difficult, I would not recommend going there alone. I had once had a problem there with my battery and I was lucky enough to be given a lift back on top of a ute to home. It may be rather unlikely to be as lucky as I was then, as this road is difficult and you may not see anyone there.

Now there is Branches Rd to explore! However, the most exciting parts are behind us, going towards the end of the road you can see there are a few huts and the road goes along the river with easy access points to the water — lots of sand flies there!

Some things to remember... During summer days the temperature can go as high as 40 degrees, so take plenty of water. On some occasions the river will be very murky. In the winter time however it can drop as low as minus 20! The road can be frosty and icicles will form on the rocks as the sun will not shine on some rocks for a couple of months in some sections. There is no phone network coverage, however, there are people living in the Canyon all year round. I am not saying that they will always welcome you but they do have their workshop at the Skippers Canyon Jet Boat — treat it as an emergency if you need some help.

The road may have landslides and slips. Actually, while writing this article, Queenstown Lakes District Council put a photo on their Facebook page of a rockslide blocking the road. Check the latest news before you go on Facebook @QLDCinfo and their website.

In some articles, people are putting Skippers Canyon Road as one of the top 10 world's most dangerous public roads!

Well, have fun and ride safe!

It can be steep and irregular
Round the hill stop
Photo 9 of Skippers Canyon Road (page 2)
The end of the road at the Branches
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