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Skipped Work For The Day - Explored The Rakaia

The plan was simple and put together at the last minute, I decided late afternoon the day before that the weather was looking magic so I put the call through to a friend and twisted his arm into skipping work for a day and joining me for a ride. I met him at his place and we we rode to windwhistle and then further up the algidus road, right to the end of the road at the Wilberforce river crossing. Whilst up there we came across 2 stock agents and had a good chat to them about life in the area and the challenges that presents which was really interesting.

Photo 1 of Skipped Work - Explored Rakaia
The start of the Algidus road
Photo 2 of Skipped Work - Explored Rakaia
Stopped to take in the scenery at the end of the algidus road just before the wilberforce river crossing to Algidus station
Photo 3 of Skipped Work - Explored Rakaia

We then turned around and headed back to Methven for gas and food only to be held up by a puncture on my 1190R. Luckily we were able to fix this on the side of the road.

Photo 4 of Skipped Work - Explored Rakaia
Not the worst place for a puncture repair!

In Methven I realized that my puncture repair skills are average at best and we were still leaking air. Luckily we were at the mobil station and the guys there let us use their workshop to fix and patch the tube properly.

Photo 5 of Skipped Work - Explored Rakaia
A big thanks the guys at Mobil in Methven for their help.
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missing something?

Time was getting on by now but with such awesome weather and the best part of an afternoon left we headed back towards the Rakaia river and went up blackford/double hill run road to Glenfalloch station. The weather combined with the scenery made this an awesome ride. As it was now quite late in the day we stopped for a quick picture and turned around to head home. Thanks to remotemoto for sharing all the info they have collected, it made it much easier to put a ride together.

Photo 7 of Skipped Work - Explored Rakaia
Photo 8 of Skipped Work - Explored Rakaia
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