SIDI - Adventure Gore-Tex review by 1K

10/10, no question. Expensive, but worth every penny.

Comfortable while being rigid and supportive. Hard to do but Sidi have nailed it. Seriously robust plastic cup around heel and ankle area. Have had my share of incidents and never felt like the boots were going to let me down. Great grip on the pegs and in bouldery river crossings, sand, clay and walks to the shops. I probably wouldn't sign up to do any long distance walks in them, but if I had to I'm sure they would be fine.

Simple, glove friendly two buckle + velcro make getting into and out of a breeze. Easily adjustable (and replaceable) buckles mean a snug fit for big socks / fat feet / skinny feet / winter / summer etc. Large, robust plastic guard on front of shin deals with any rocks / stick / foot pegs that come your way far better than other boots I have used.

Very waterproof and no issues with water up to just above ankle depth. They do hold water if submerged and take a bit of drying, but I am more than happy to accept that for the general waterproofness in less demanding situations.

Good wear resistance. I have a few kms on this pair and they don't really show any signs of degradation except a few scuffs on the toes. Soles and the rest of the uppers almost untouched. Buckles and hardware also in good nick.

As much as it pains me to say I would shop around or look overseas. I am the first to support local shops, but I found these for just over half price in Europe a the time. $300+ mark up in $700 boots is really hard to justify IMO.
review by 1K