Shoei - Hornet DS Helmet review by TransalperNZ

I've had this helmet for 4 years and love it mostly. Ventilation is good, noise not too bad, quieter in clean air, view through the visor is good, not distorted. Quality is good.

The pin lock anti fog visor works as well as any other pinlock I've used but dust can eventually creep up between it and the main visor when riding in other riders dust cloud. The peak helps the helmet look good and offers a little shade on the visor when the sun is high but not enough really in my opinion.

I'm not so keen about how the wind catches the helmet when turning to look over your shoulder. I'm thinking that's because of the length/shape of the chin mainly but partly the peak as well.

Recently I have copied the idea of cutting away the back of the peak to open the air flow in an attempt to reduce the wind buffet from oncoming trucks, when looking over the shoulder and generally just the gusty winds we seem to get here more often in recent times.

I have also removed the pinlock insert in favour of an Invision Anti-Fog, Auto-Tinting visor insert which sticks on inside the visor so the dust can not intrude, I might add a review for that later when I've had it longer.
On the Mace Town track riding the WR250R, wearing the Shoei.
review by TransalperNZ