Salt and Gold DVD

Producer's Description: A filmed attempt to cross the empty western quarter of the Sahara Desert in order to reach the fabled salt mines of Taoudenni by motorcycle. If you've ever dreamed of pushing your 'holidays' to the limit you'll need to see this!

An adventure into the solar-blasted heart of the world's greatest desert. Follow a small band of British motorcyclists and a lone 4x4 as they battle across thousands of kilometers of sand and rock in a bid to reach the fabled salt mines of Taoudenni. Up against some of the toughest terrain the Sahara has to offer and with breakdowns, injuries, and a rebel uprising stacking the odds against them, the question is: can they succeed?

This trip was undertaken in conjunction with Beast Of Burden Expedition Logistics and was the second in a series of three Salt and Gold Expeditions led to the region between 2008 and 2010.

Photo 1 of Salt and Gold DVD