Rolling Wheels Again

After a couple of months off the bike due to a bike related injury it felt great to swing a leg over the seat again. The forced idle time allowed me to make a few improvements to the RMOTO bike including a full engine rebuild, wide ratio gear box, rebuild and rejet the carb with a Boyesen Quickshot 2, FMF Q4 exhaust, steel braided brake lines, Galfer oversized front rotor, Force rear rotor protector, FunnelWeb air filter, Warp9 wheelset, and the final prototype DRZ400 adventure screen with the new alloy dash. Feeling happy the bike was in the best shape possible, the starter button was hit and the bike was pointed south.

Ahhh so nice to have a blue sky day, albeit a little chilly being the start of winter. The bike is still glistening clean but I am sure this won�t last long
Claiming the Cannington Corner Bridge Mototoken
Reference Link : Cannington Corner Bridge
Being early winter many shaded corners were still frozen solid even in the afternoon. At times there was a mixture of both riding and ice skating!
Dodging two highly energetic Police dogs tearing up and down the track on a training exercise at Nimrod Stream
Reference Link : Nimrod Stream
Claiming the Otaio Gorge Bridge Mototoken
Reference Link : Otaio Gorge Bridge
At the end of the day I reached Waimate. After snapping a pic of the Waimate Catholic Church's impressive architecture I found a motel for the night
The next morning it was off early and up to Kelceys Bush reserve
Waimate Creek at the Kelceys Bush Mototoken
Reference Link : Kelceys Bush
Heading up to Mt Ellen, I recon this is the best lunch spot in town. Magic views over Waimate right out to the sea
Along Kapua Road there are a number of interesting rock formations
Reference Link : Kapua Road Rock
Bells Pond looked interesting on Google Earth so I put that in the day's route.
Reference Link : Bells Pond
The Waitaki River Bridge near Glenavy
Reference Link : Waitaki Bridge Glenavy
Almost opposite Bells pond on the other side of the Waitaki River is the Ferry Road Mototoken
Reference Link : Ferry Road End
The long road into Black Cap Hut Mototoken is an absolute cracker, great long distance 360 defgree views
Reference Link : Black Cap Hut
Views out over Kauru Hill as the day was getting late and I was heading to a motel for the night
Reference Link : Kauru Bridge Incholme
The next morning rolled around with the mercury in the small single digits but it was another blue sky minter
Reference Link : Hampden Beach Reserve
Reference Link : Moeraki Wharf Lookout
I stopped in at a penguin viewing stand at Katiki Point. No penguins were seen however, perhaps they were still tucked up in bed
Reference Link : Shag Point
A photo stop to claim the Mototoken for Bucklands Crossing
Reference Link : Bucklands Crossing Bridge
The next place for a looksee was up Blucher Road
Reference Link : Blucher Road Lookout
Then it was out through to Lake Mahinerangi. Just before heading in I bumped into JATZ who was returning from the Brass Monkey rally
Reference Link : Edgar Stark Bridge
Reference Link : Toko Mouth
Reference Link : Measly Beach
After I stopped to tell these two to get a hair cut and get a real job, I headed to the mighty town of Gore for the night
The next morning I was on a mission, the goal was to ride to the tip of Fortrose Spit
Reference Link : Mataura Bridge
A good portion of the track out to the spit was a grainy sand track which required lots of wrestling to keep the bike straight and upright
The rest was a tussocky track with lots of whoops :)
The tip of the Fortrose Spit
Reference Link : Fortrose Spit
I stopped to have a hot pie I purchased at a bakery back in Gore but the whoops had turned my pie as flat as a pizza
For this trip, I was given a prototype cush sprocket (Moxsprocket) to try out and give feedback, more detail to follow in a different article but it was performing very well
The north end of Waituna Lagoon
Reference Link : Waituna Lagoon North End
Reference Link : Waituna Lagoon Car Park
Reference Link : Fortrose Rock
Reference Link : Fortrose Cliffs
After a big loop around to Fortrose, I was a stones throw away from the tip of the spit where I was previously
No prizes for guessing the direction of the predominant wind in Fortrose!
Reference Link : Frasers Beach
Claiming this Mototoken was a bit of a mission, a grumpy seal made it clear he did not want me at his lighthouse!
Reference Link : Waipapa Point Lighthouse
Slope Point, the southernmost point in New Zealand
Reference Link : Slope Point Lookout
After a great day of riding and setting new Mototokens, it was off back to base in Gore
Reference Link : Gore's Giant Brown Trout

Part two to follow soon...

Author of this article: RMOTO