Rocky Peaks Rally 2022

The Rocky Peaks Rally, held in January 2022, was a test of the new adventure rally management website - Discovery Rallies. The result was a roaring success. With a great bunch of guys, five days of brilliant weather, around 1,000 km of mixed grade South Island routes, and great camping locations each night, a great time was had by all!

Photo 1 of Rocky Peaks Rally 2022

A huge thanks goes out to Chris Birch for co-running this event with Discovery Rallies. It was great to watch him ride, and his generously shared wealth of knowledge was appreciated and enjoyed by everyone.

To bring the Rocky Peaks Rally to life required months of planning, wads of paperwork, seemingly endless emails and phone calls, mixed with the occasional manic hair-pulling episode. At times, getting everything to coordinate and fall into place, felt like herding a dozen cats! However, the hard work resulted in a seamless event that put smiles on faces, explored new territory, filled the air with laughter, pushed riders outside of comfort zones to learn new skills, showed amazing rider comradery at challenge sections, formed new friendships, and etched lifelong memories. With a result like this, how could there not be another event! So, long story short, the planning of the next Discovery Rallies event is underway. 

Here are some great photos of the Rocky Peaks Rally, courtesy of Rob Kerber

Author of this article: RMOTO