Roaming Remote Rivers on the 2017 Opening Season

Winding up a project for work saw me miss the first month of the 2017 fishing season opening, but I made sure no more than a month went by without flicking the rod. A route was assembled to mix some great riding and a great river to fish. A pocket of good weather was selected and I was off...

Reaching the West Coast with the weather playing ball
Heading into the good riding
Photos don't do this justice, there were some steep and gnarly clay faces to tackle
A few deep boggy sections thrown in for good measure
After some serious sweating from bike wrestling a fully laden bike through some fairly challenging terrain, camp was reached
There was a little bit of daylight left to have a sneak peek at the water on the cards for the next day... stunning!
The morning kicked off with a misty mood, but it soon made way for blue skies as the sun warmed things up
The rocky, bouldery terrain was tough going
But the effort of scrambling over rocks was well worth it as the first fish was sighted, then convinced by a scruffy stonefly pattern
First fish of the season... stoked!
Two more fish were sighted up this glide but the boulders caused some very challenging currents to deliver a fly drag free. I managed to spook two fish in a row =(
Another fish was sighted in this pool, and although he was holding in another difficult spot, I made sure I got the cast right
Another beauty convinced... even more stoked
A local goat scaring away all my fish :/
It was slow going over the bouldery terrain and up through the bush to make my way around bluffs. Only 3 km of river was covered and it was already time to make my way back to camp. Only four fish were seen, two were dropped but two beauties came to the net so I was more than content with the day :)
After packing up camp it was time to head out, and head home...
Author of this article: RMOTO