Remotologging #349

After picking up the new engine, heading south then leaving the motel in Oamaru (Article: New engine run) the destination was Gore. All up 10 days were spent in Gore and a number of great new tracks were GPS logged and are making their way onto the website.

Photo 1 of Remotologging #349
Dolamore Park Road
Photo 2 of Remotologging #349
Kelvin Road
Photo 3 of Remotologging #349
Waikaka, the cheese rolling capital of New Zealand. That�s awesome!
Photo 4 of Remotologging #349
A cool old church in Waikaka
Photo 5 of Remotologging #349
Waimea Valley Road
Photo 6 of Remotologging #349
Switzers Memorial - Switzers Road
Photo 7 of Remotologging #349
Cairn Road, an absolute minter of a run
Photo 8 of Remotologging #349
Clinton boasting �Our Three horse town� slogan, but�
Photo 9 of Remotologging #349
...there are 5 horses, what's up with that?
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Didn�t your mother teach you it�s rude to stare.
Photo 11 of Remotologging #349
An eerie day on the Mataura River Bridge, Mataura
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After 10 days in Gore and barley a glimpse of the sun the NZ forecast charts were studied to find the best place to chase down the sun. I had intended to head to Haast but there was more than an extra helping of rain on the way so Central Otago it was. The planned route was soon thrown out the window when the Clydevale bridge was closed and the detour loop to the other side and pickup the route was over 90km. So, from there it was a case of discard the GPS route, follow my nose north, check out any interesting roads along the way and see where I end up
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The lonely graves
Photo 15 of Remotologging #349
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Millers Flat Bridge
Photo 18 of Remotologging #349
A knock on a friendly farmers door, flick him $20 for track maintenance and I was off on a cool dirt track out the back of Beaumont
Photo 19 of Remotologging #349
Looking out over the Beaumont Bridge
Photo 20 of Remotologging #349
The Roxburgh Bridge
Photo 21 of Remotologging #349
Due to the prematurely warm weather I thought I�d have a nudge at getting up to Potters Hut for the night up Wakaia Bush Road
Photo 22 of Remotologging #349
Just 3km out from the summit the snow became too deep, frozen packed and slippery. Impossible/too dangerous to continue so after a whole bunch of bike wrestling and sweating I decided to head to Alex for a comfy night in a motel
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The next day of riding from Alex to Omarama was superb, it was sooooo nice to have the sun out in full force and some great tracks were ridden
Photo 24 of Remotologging #349
I could be wrong, but I believe these are fellow deer, presumably selectively bread for their white coats
Photo 25 of Remotologging #349
Lower Manorburn Dam
Photo 26 of Remotologging #349
Photo 27 of Remotologging #349
A balmy 17 degrees!! Warmest day I've ridden in so far this winter
Photo 28 of Remotologging #349
Fraser Dam
Photo 29 of Remotologging #349
The Shakey Bridge
Photo 30 of Remotologging #349
Thomson Gorge Road
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