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Rainbow - Severn - Molesworth

This wee track has been on my to-do list for a year after a dead stator stopped me dead in my tracks a few K from the Molesworth gate last summer. Better late than never!

After a slight delay getting a 'flavour injector' (syringe and stabby bit that a hose attaches to nicely) from the local Hammer Hardware to take out a little bit of the extra oil I managed to overfill my bike with right before leaving, I cruised out to Renwick to (my own disbelief) still be early/on time. Miracles happen!

Sadly as I was hurriedly filling my bike with air, tyres with fuel (whoops!) and backpack with muffins and chocolate bars (I'm a bit of a health food nut, so I opt for banana choc chip to cover the fruit intake, for the week) word spread that the mighty Ural had gone on strike not far from Picton earlier in the morning. Convenient location choice considering the possibilities!

Anyway, here is the action shot from Renwick:
Photo 1 of Rainbow - Severn - Molesworth
And St Arnaud....:
Photo 2 of Rainbow - Severn - Molesworth
Checkout operator must have been better looking in st Arnaud or something, but we won't speculate on that too much haha

Phenomenal amount of tar bleed on the way to St Arnaud, but not enough heavy traffic to make it exciting (no complaints!).

Further up the road and across the first ford it was time to just double check a few things:
Photo 3 of Rainbow - Severn - Molesworth
Front wheel, check!
Photo 4 of Rainbow - Severn - Molesworth
Rear wheel, present!
Photo 5 of Rainbow - Severn - Molesworth
Rock on!
A few more creeks, chat and autographs for the gate keeper (we tried to tell her we were all having a day off but you've got to keep the fans happy so we all signed away) and it was onto a casual mauling by a gang of wasps. Kokopelli's spidey sense saw his visor lowered in the nick of time and safe, but Kiwibul and I nailed a few, probably not enough to claim a victory but baby steps and all that.

After a near brush with a misguidedly courteous driver we stopped for a few Kodak moments:
Photo 6 of Rainbow - Severn - Molesworth
Kokopelli presenting the scenery, kiwibul adding his, errrr, own touch to the shot :rofl
Photo 7 of Rainbow - Severn - Molesworth
Photo 8 of Rainbow - Severn - Molesworth
Few more k's through some soft slips but otherwise ok-ish condition road we met the Molesworth station/gate country:
Photo 9 of Rainbow - Severn - Molesworth
Photo 10 of Rainbow - Severn - Molesworth
The road condition in the Molesworth is still absolutely primo!
We hit the Severn-Sedgemere route where strict non uniform parking polices were enforced to minimize losses in case of more wasp gang flybys, or something like that.

The first puddle just about caught us out, was a matter of braking harder and harder while saying shit louder and louder as the closer you got the deeper it became. Not Kraken lurking depths mind, but just unexpected for where it was. Not much of me was left dry and Kokopelli dropped a cylinder for a few heart in mouth moments. Kiwibull breezed on through, bastard. The rest were a non event and the river crossing was a nice and low. We were a bit quick through for the camera man to set up the shot, sorry!
Photo 11 of Rainbow - Severn - Molesworth
Photo 12 of Rainbow - Severn - Molesworth
Photo 13 of Rainbow - Severn - Molesworth
After passing a few shiny and well loaded bikes taking it pretty easy in the dry loose-ish dirt, it was time for a feed in the shade as we linked back up with the Molesworth. No sand flies either, schweet!
Photo 14 of Rainbow - Severn - Molesworth
Was a quick blat up to the cottage where we met Steve on GS650? who was down from another island somewhere off the coast of the mainland for a night.

Must be something in the BMW handbooks about shady spots. We couldn't find anything in the Suzuki manual
Photo 15 of Rainbow - Severn - Molesworth
Photo 16 of Rainbow - Severn - Molesworth
With that it was onward to the Awatere, optimistic speed signs and some more sweet views.
Photo 17 of Rainbow - Severn - Molesworth
Photo 18 of Rainbow - Severn - Molesworth
Taylor Pass through to Blenheim and a well received beer.

Cheers again for the good day, was the best run I've had through there and the Severn-Sedgemere route is well worth a nose. Hopefully Steve had time to give it a nudge :D

Look forward to doing it again before the end of the summer via Hanmer.
Photo 19 of Rainbow - Severn - Molesworth
Looking down the Awatere
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