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Queenstown to Otago - The Long Way (page 2)

Hakataramea Pass
Hakataramea Pass

Back to Kurow for lunch, refueled and went on the opposite side of the River Waitaki to ride to the coast, quick stop in Oamaru little walk on the warf and ride to the Hampden camping ground, nice little place, I tried to get to the lighthouse to see penguins but came too late, the close the gate and you can not get there at certain times but they reopen early morning tomorrow ! Decided to have a quick look at Moeraki boulders instead 


Oamaru lookout
Hampden campsite
quick relax on the beach on the way to Hampden

Nice sleep good solid sleep this time ! 

Woke up very early to get for sunrise at Moeraki Boulders and then to see the penguins, I am the very first person there, and they are big- yellow-eyed penguins and plenty of seals, very nice walk and beautiful sunrise !

Next went through Horse Range road, quite nice ride, refuelled in Palmerston and went to Ramrock road via Buckland Crossing, really nice relaxed gravel road again with lots of good view in the morning ! Enjoyed that a lot !


Moeraki Boulders by sunrise
Seals colony
Bucklands Crossing

Arrived to Middlemarch for a snack and a bit of a rest and trough Rocklands road to Dunstan road, first Loganburn reservoir and then Poolburn which is a really beautiful place, quick 30 min nap and time to head back to Queenstown via Alexandra and Cromwell. 

It was a great little 3 days trip, not the most comfortable on my DRZ400 after over 1000km in 3 days I felt really tired and exhausted, happy to arrive back home without any problems, great way of spending last day of summer and first day on Autumn !

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