Pro Taper - SE Handlebars 7/8

Manufacturer's Description: The Pro Taper SE bar is Pro Taper’s seven eighths inch diameter handlebar designed for riders who still prefer the look, feel, and stability of a bar with a cross brace. Constructed of 5mm, 2000 series T6 aluminum, with a cold forged aluminum brace, the Pro Taper SE bar is a great choice for anyone searching for a high quality, value priced handlebar.



- Made from 5mm, proprietary, 2000 series T6 aluminum alloy

- Crossbar made from cold forged aluminum

- Crossbar clamps CNC machined from 6061 aluminum and adhered with aerospace quality polymer

- Standard 7/8" bar

- High tech, stress relieved, shot peen, anodized finish for unmatched durability

- Left side knurling provides maximum grip traction

- Chemically applied graphics are scratch and peel resistant

- End plugs help keep the elements out of the handlebar tubing and aid in longer grip life

- Weighs only 1.8 pounds (820 grams) without pad

- Bar pad included

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