Pro Moto Billet Kickstand review by RMOTO

I really, really don’t like giving negative reviews on products, especially on products that are created by small companies trying to bring clever products to the market. I have only ever given a few bad reviews on the rare occasion where I feel it is in the benefit of the riding community to share poor experiences.

Unfortunately, my experiences with the Pro Moto Billet / Fastway kickstand for a KTM EXC were so bad, I felt it important to share them so other riders can at least take them into consideration if they are looking to purchase one.  

2018 KTM500 fitted with a Pro Moto Billet / Fastway kickstand

So, the deal is, the KTM EXC range has a pretty basic stand from stock. Most EXC owners say the stock stand is perfectly practical for the bike when used for its intended purpose – enduro riding and trail riding. However, use the EXC as an adventure bike, loaded with heavy gear, and you may soon discover the limits of what the stock stands can handle - they are susceptible to break. In 18 months, I have gone through 3 stock stands on my 2018 KTM500 EXC.

Does this reflect poorly on KTM? Not at all, the adventure riding loads carried are far beyond what the stock stand was designed for so this is really about a user issue rather than a design issue.

To fix this, I wanted to find a strong, beefy stand that would hold up to the loads of adventure riding. I put up a post on a KTM500 EXC Facebook group asking for suggestions and a few riders on the group spoke highly about the Pro Moto Billet / Fastway kickstand. In fact, the Fastway website claim it as “The Granddaddy Of All Kickstands”. That sounds pretty good, right?  

2018 KTM500 fitted with a Pro Moto Billet / Fastway kickstand

Well after shelling out just over NZ $400 to land one here in New Zealand, I was initially impressed by the CNC machining and engineering – it looked like a strong unit. However, after using it for 6 weeks, I realised there were some design faults. Not minor faults either - major faults.

Maybe other users haven’t experienced the issues I have and may criticise me for my views, regardless, here are my experiences, warts and all:  

Bike falls over!!!

So, have a look at where the Pro Moto Billet / Fastway mounts to the bike. It pushes the actual pivot point of the stand quite a way to the back of the bike compared to the stock stand. This in turn shifts the weight-bearing location of the stand backward and influences its ability to securely hold the bike up on uneven ground - especially downhill terrain.

Next, have a look at the angle of a stock EXC stand and the Pro Moto Billet / Fastway stand. The Pro Moto Billet / Fastway has a far shallower angle meaning it has even less ability to hold the bike securely for example when you stop to open a gate on a downhill. Trying to carefully position and balance the bike so it doesn’t fall over (even with the bike off and in 1st gear) is a juggling act that would often fail and the bike would fall over.

These two observations about the design of the Pro Moto Billet / Fastway stand may seem minor, but out there on the trail, they have a major impact. The type of riding I do here in New Zealand sees a lot of steep and rough terrain that I have to deal with when opening gates or stopping to take photos. By comparison, the design of a stock stand is far better to use, is far more stable, and the bike never falls over.

On a recent 15 day adventure ride, when stopping to open gates or taking photos, I have never had my bike fall over so many times. It actually became a circus show! The last straw for me was when one of the falls broke a new set of KTM hand guards I just shelled out $120 for. Not impressed.

After riding off-road bikes my entire life, I have never, ever, experienced a stand that is so unstable and causes the bike to fall over so readily.

2018 KTM500 fitted with a Pro Moto Billet / Fastway kickstand

Knee pain

Ok, so this is the ultimate clincher. Just after putting the Pro Moto Billet / Fastway stand on and going for a couple of overnight rides, I noticed I was getting a sore left knee. At the start I didn’t connect it to the stand, I simply thought I may have accidentally pulled a muscle when riding. It wasn’t until I got halfway through a 15 day adventure ride where the pain in my knee worsened on a daily basis. Every time I went to flick the stand up with my boot, it caused severe pain. It was then I realised it was the stand that was the direct cause of the pain.

The term “flicking the stand up” is far from how this works stand works. The Pro Moto Billet / Fastway stand has an over-engineered spring that doesn’t “flick” back into the up position like other stands, instead it is under tension all the way requiring you to push against (fight) the spring ALL the way back into the up position. This is not only a hassle, it forces my leg to perform awkward, unnatural movements and angles that caused serious pain to my knee. An adventure rider I am – a contortionist I am not.

As soon as I returned from that trip, the Pro Moto Billet / Fastway stand was swiftly removed and thrown in the bin. I then fitted a traditional style replacement stand – a Tusk KTM Kickstand. Immediately after this, the pain in my knee started to subside. Four weeks later and the pain is totally gone. 

Click here to view the Tusk KTM Kickstand.

2018 KTM500 fitted with a Pro Moto Billet / Fastway kickstand

Main bolt comes loose and just won’t stay tight

So, because of the over-engineered spring, when the stand is put up and down, it does this in a violent fashion. This causes the unit to shunt and the main bolt to come loose. No matter how much Loctite I put on it or how much torque I put on the bolt, over multiple day adventure rides it would never stay tight and I was forever tightening it on the trail - really annoying.

I know there are some people out there that really like this stand and may want to drag me through a pit of hot coals for expressing my experiences. The thing is, if it works for you, great! For me however, I can appreciate Pro Moto Billet / Fastway are trying to make a bulletproof stand, but the design and engineering has missed the mark – in fact they have introduced issues that never existed on a stock stand.

So, I have now installed the Tusk KTM Kickstands on both my KTM500 and Jessie’s KTM350.

KTM 350 and KTM 500 fitted with Tusk Kickstands

They have only had a month’s use so it is too early in the piece to judge longevity, but my god it was refreshing to return to a stand that works nicely! A lot of other people are using the Tusk stands as they are claimed to be stronger than stock and one of the lowest price options on the market.

Click here to view the : Tusk KTM Kickstands 

review by RMOTO