North Canterbury Mototokens

Had a spare day in May so thought I had better go find some more Mototokens as JimmyPatch and WobblyRider were catching up to me.  The Mototokens and tracks on RemoteMoto are a great tool so I check the map to find tokens I haven't collected yet and plot my route.  It wasn't long before I had a 330km route loaded to my GPS and was all set for the morning. Morning comes and I couldn't have picked a foggier day but soon encountered blue sky once I passed through Amberley ..... well until I got back to Amberley a few hours later.

Leaving the layer of fog covering Christchurch behind
Nice wet grass to test my MotoZ tyres
Wonder who will be the first person to catch this tree at the bottom of the cliff on this Mototoken
Warmin' up in the sunshine
Wide open gravel in North Canterbury to stretch the Tenere's legs
Old shed almost getting overgrown
Sun is getting low already
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