Nevis Road - Rees Valley

You to get visit the vast North Hector Mountains and the Remarkables Range and some of the highest vantage points within the Remarkables conservation area. 

Before European settlement, Maori regularly used the Nevis Valley as a trail route, but by the early 1860s the gold rush had arrived; the population exploded and two small settlements appeared in the lower Nevis.

That gives you an idea how remote the Nevis is - even gold couldn't get many people there. But that's a good thing, because these days not only is the Nevis still a pristine example of natural beauty, it's also home to many near-untouched historic locations. BEST ENJOYED WITH FRIENDS OR FELLOW RIDERS.

Rees track begins 68km from Queenstown via Glenorchy, and there is a car park at Muddy Creek. It is possible to take 4WD vehicles beyond Muddy Creek, but Muddy Creek is prone to sudden washouts. See spectacular mountain scenery, forest and alpine vegetation, glacier-fed rivers and the Dart Glacier on the Rees-Dart Track. 

Author of this article: Hacksaw