NCGB Final Run

For this ride, the bike was packed for an overnight trip. The main goal for the first day was to take some photographs and log the final GPX file for an Exploration Route called the NCGB (North Canterbury Gravel Blaster). This is a fun 292 km route with lots of sweeping Grade 2 gravel roads in the North Canterbury area.

The second part of this ride was catching up with a couple of riding buddies for a day out exploring a new route.

Setting off I was greeted with a blue sky and warm weather, brilliant!
A good majority of the roads were like this, open sweeping gravel roads which are great fun whether you are on a big bike or small bike
I stopped for a while to watch this pilot performing some pretty impressive stunts. Lots of knife-edging, some low passes and a few loops thrown in for good measure. Quite entertaining
After a great ride I setup camp in a cool little spot. The next morning, I met up with a couple of riding buddies and we had a route planned. This changed at the last minute when I bumped into a landowner and got permission to go exploring on a fantastic block of land.
One of the slips caused a fairly steep incline. Mark shot up to the top to suss out the best line
Lunchbreak at the top of one of the hills. The views were pretty impressive

The majority of the second day was captured on in video rather than in photos. A video will soon follow…

Author of this article: RMOTO