Napoleon Hill Ride

We started our ride from the Orwell Creek Rd end. We met Robin at the house to pay the $10 each and got shown the workings of the water wheel/power source for their house. It was built by her husband. Great job!

It was mid February and the weather was fine, so the creeks were low. This is one of the most beautiful bush rides I have done. The bush, the creeks and the tunnels are just amazing! We were riding biggish adventure bikes so the track was at times a challenge, especially when we decided to ride down the Waipuna Creek to the bridge on Waipuna Rd. If you want to do this just turn left when you come out of the second tunnel. This takes addition to the track is all creek bed, water crossings and rocky. But a lot of fun.

Photo 1 of Napoleon Hill Ride
Beautiful bush
Photo 2 of Napoleon Hill Ride
If you know of more tunnels like this to ride let me know. they are so cool!
Photo 3 of Napoleon Hill Ride
Photo 4 of Napoleon Hill Ride
riding doesn't get much better than this
Photo 5 of Napoleon Hill Ride
down the Waipuna Creek
Photo 6 of Napoleon Hill Ride
Bugger! At least it wasn't in the water.
Photo 7 of Napoleon Hill Ride
More crossings
Photo 8 of Napoleon Hill Ride
Waipuna Rd bridge
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