MSR - Groundhog tent stakes review by IanMeyle

I've used them all, wood, steel wire, plastic, aluminium wire, aluminium tubular and these pegs beat them all.
They are a three-sided aluminium extruded peg like a warratah in section.
They are:-
- strong so they don't bend when you push them in
- lightweight, only 20g each. I use 8 for a minimum peg out
- because they are thin in section they are easy to push into the ground, I usually just push them in with my boot
- they have a large projected area so they resist the lateral forces of the tent
- Because there is no loop at the top, all the insertion pressure is transferred into movement into the ground
- have a notch at the top so guy ropes don't come off. With the combination of angled peg and notch, I've never had a guy come away.
- have a loop of cord attached so that you can pull them out
- are anodised red so are visible in the grass/undergrowth
- come in two sizes, the Groudhog or MiniGroundhog. Take the small ones for the normal tent and some bigger ones for the storm pegs
- cheaper than the really flash ones

Downsides are
- they don't go through small holes or eyelets. This is not a problem with modern tents which use tape loops.
- have no additional strengthening at the top so don't respond well to a hammer or rock
- not the cheapest in the world but I haven't lost, bent or broken any so there's a saving
- perhaps fluorescent cord would make them more visible if you fold up the tent before pulling the pegs
Push it in with your heel on the ground to prevent wobble.
The supplied makes it easier to pull out. Here you can see the thin section.
review by IanMeyle