MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURER Carl Stearns Clancy: First Motorcyclist to Ride Around the World 1912-1913

Author's Description: Well-known moto-journalist and author Dr. Gregory Frazier is no stranger to two-wheeled adventures. With more than 25 years of riding experience, and having traveled more than a million miles, five times around the world by motorcycle, who better than Frazier to reintroduce and edit Carl Stearns Clancy’s fascinating travelogue?!

After sixteen years of compiling the facts and seeking the help of experts and researchers worldwide, Frazier has officially solved the mystery of just who really was the first person to circumvent the globe on two wheels. In 1912, on a 1912 Henderson motorcycle, with little more than his Savage automatic pistol, heart, and steel resolve, Carl Stearns Clancy set out on a seemingly impossible mission.

Motorcycle Adventurer vividly recounts this long, challenging, and most treacherous motorcycle endeavor taken well before the luxury of today’s GPS, Internet, gas and service stations, local repair shops, and many other conveniences. Neither the threat of wild animals, the lack of gas or spare parts, unpredictable road conditions – or lack thereof – hazardous circumstances, or the likelihood of bandits could deter Clancy from conquering his quest.

Whether you’re an avid moto-adventurist yourself, or simply enjoy traveling the world from your armchair, you’ll appreciate this exciting, true story of a pioneer adventurer, who, facing insurmountable odds, accomplished the unthinkable – by motorcycle – and then lived to tell the tale.

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