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Motomox: New Zealand's Only Dedicated Adventure Motorcycling Store

New Zealand offers some of the best adventure riding in the world, with many popular routes in the South Island. With the increasing popularity of adventure riding, it was timely that adventure riding and camping specialists, Motomox, recently set up in Kaiapoi, just north of Christchurch. Jess headed out to chat to Motomox owner and adventure rider, Paul Delis.

Paul Delis at Motomox, Kaiapoi.

The South Island, especially, is a sweet spot for adventure riding, with vast amounts of varied and beautiful terrain easily accessible. Local adventure rider, Josh Martin, offers a well-compiled collection of routes on his adventure website New Zealand also has a huge network of adventure riders and knowledgeable folk, including well-respected mechanic, adventure rider and KTM expert, Phil Parish.

Adventure riding in New Zealand is enjoying increased popularity. It allows Kiwis and international travelers unique opportunities to see parts of our country that they wouldn't normally see and from, quite literally, a whole new perspective. Whether you're two-up, in a group or on your own, it's an exhilarating and intimate way to get involved in the outdoors. You can do day trips, over-nighters or weekends away; however you adventure out on two wheels, you'll be surprised by just how much of New Zealand you haven't seen, even if you've lived here your whole life.

Motomox: New Zealand Adventure Riding and Camping Specialists

As adventure riding has increased in popularity, there has burgeoned a new demographic of adventure rider - the Newbie, aka the Noob. We need to embrace these fledgling adventurers and guide them. We need to steer them away from danger because they're out in force selling up their road bikes and trading up to anything Dr Google has advised. Now, we know that Dr Google is inconsistent, unqualified and should be disbarred from practice, but "according to my sources", a typical Noob is driven by 95% enthusiasm and 5% common sense. Newbies are therefore vulnerable and need experienced support before they step out into the Kiwi adventure frontier.

Even you, a moderately experienced road rider,  might think you can handle anything adventure throws at you. After all, you've watched The Long Way Round several times over and you've seen Charlie and Ewan do it! But this is real life. Real, harsh life. Let's face it, sobbing into your helmet on the side of the road because you bought along only your mediocre mechanic skillset and inadequate tools is not something to brag about. Your street cred will take a massive dive.

Motomox retail.
Motomox retail.

So, unless you're a fan of heat exhaustion, hypothermia, or struggling for hours with the wrong tools, miles from anywhere - get talking to some folks in the know. The team at Motomox is a great place to start. You'll make some new friends which will mean you'll never again have to check over your shoulder, scanning the horizon for any cross-eyed, toothless,  excessively-friendly folk offering, just over yonder, their place to "freshen up and rest". In all seriousness though, most small-town Kiwi locals are good, handsome buggers. Now that I've made you uncomfortably aware of your deficiencies, and paranoid about the genetic health of rural country-folk, let's move on.

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