Mosko Moto - Backcountry 35L Pannier Kit review by Boxabits

I‘ve had the Mosko Moto 35 Litre Backcountry Panniers for a couple of months now.

The videos on the website give a good over view of what they do

The panniers themselves are an impressive piece of kit. The hardware is quality, & they seem well designed. The ballistic & rip-stop nylon exterior is quite stiff, they hold their shape really well. They seem very robust, & they scrub up well after getting used in the dirt. The ability to cinch them down for a lighter load is good. The separate internal rollbags are removeable if you want to leave the panniers on the bike. The internal liners are white, which improves your ability to see your gear in the bags - a leg up over some competitors. And the beavertail is really useful for storing stuff short term.

The rear attached pouches are good for storing fuel bottles & tools. These also have a roll top closure system. But these aren’t intended to be waterproof. I noted a drain holes at the base of each bag.

I haven’t used the molle accessories – but 2 large accessory bags are due to arrive in a few days. I intend to use these for hydration & water storage when I’m camping with a pillion.

Biggest downsides are that the initial cost, you need a rack system on the bike, & you cannot lock the panniers (though people are starting to use paksafe systems). Because of their design requirements the total package is heavy compared to some other throw over panniers, so may be less suited to lightweight bikes.

The upside of the mounting wedge system is the pannier is held really securely. Just like a hard pannier system. The downside is they visually take some getting used to.

I’ve had Touratech 35 l Zegas. Compared to those, the Backcountry panniers are easier to take on & off the bike, they are easier to pack (some give for awkward shapes), & they are completely waterproof (the Zegas leak). I’m much more comfortable riding off the main roads (less worry about breaking legs under hard boxes).

Ran them on the Cape to Cape Ride, 2200 kms+, sometimes in torrential rain. Everything stayed completely dry. Impressed.

review by Boxabits