Mondo Enduro DVD

Producer's Description: The objective: the longest possible land route in the shortest possible time - an epic 44,000 mile journey in 440 days. Countries crossed include Uzbekistan, Central Asia, Canada, The USA, East Africa and the Middle East. Extras include out-takes, preparation and a cautionary tale from the road.

When Mondo Enduro was conceived in the winter of 1992 it seemed like a substantial challenge to those involved. It was only in the few months before departure (spring 1995) that the possibly greater challenge of filming it was seriously considered.

None of the seven riders had any experience of shooting or directing and of course, none of them were used to being in front of the camera. And indeed, what camera? After various call it became clear that as 'members of the public' the notional adventures of Mondo Enduro held zero interest to the TV establishment.

Around the same time, Austin and Gerald's mum and dad had bought a fancy but chunky video camera; the Sony VX-1, the first ever Hi8 camera. The Vince parents' had found the VX-1 a touch 'new fangled' and gladly sold it on to the Mondo team. In many respects it is this single fact that made the Mondo Enduro show possible. This was the first time that amateurs were able to record their adventures to a high quality but on a low budget and hence, this DVD is in some small way at the vanguard of reality TV.

The pivotal VX-1 camera was augmented with a truly miniature super 8 camera and a 1970s microphone from a car boot sale.

Thusly equipped the team shot 21 hours of video and 52 minutes of cine film over the next 400 days. How it ever got onto the Discovery Channel thereafter, is indeed, another story...

Running Time : Main Feature 1 hour 33 mins. Extras - 52 mins.

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