Maling Pass Day Ride.

With a day left before returning to work and the weather looking real good I decided I might try and knock off some more of Josh's Mototokens. The tokens needed to be within a day return ride from home in Nelson so a quick scan on the Mototoken Map and the Maling Pass and Waiau River Headwaters fitted the time available.

A quick top up of fuel at the St Arnaud pumps and I was off up the Rainbow Road, through the toll gate, and just South of Lake Tennyson it was onto the start of the St James Track. About half a km along this track is a locked gate, now how you choose to negotiate around this gate is entirely up to you.

I choose to go online and obtain the lock combination from DOC, it's easy, free and means you are in the Valley legally. The views as you ride in are absolutely huge and at the end of the road the scenery is just magic, a real gem of a ride.

Photo 1 of Maling Pass Day Ride
As you ride in a view of the Southern end of Lake Tennyson.
Photo 2 of Maling Pass Day Ride
An easy alternative if the creek is a bit deep.
Photo 3 of Maling Pass Day Ride
The view from Maling Pass looking to the south.
Photo 4 of Maling Pass Day Ride
Down in the Valley a view back up towards the Pass in the distant saddle.
Photo 5 of Maling Pass Day Ride
Well worth the ride in.
Photo 6 of Maling Pass Day Ride
Photo 7 of Maling Pass Day Ride
As a grade 3 ride care is needed as punctures are a consideration.
I mostly ride alone so puncture repair gear and a PLB is always good practise.
A very enjoyable token hunt.
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