Making Night Light

There were two objectives for the weekend. Firstly, to test some modifications to the new luggage system I have been working on over the last few months. Secondly, to test out the new headlight for the KTM500. A riding buddy Stefan and his work mate Fozy had planned to go for a boost over the New Creek to Denniston track so I though that’d be a perfect way to do both, and do it with some good company.

The meeting point was Reefton on Saturday evening. I made my way over there earlier in the day as I had some luggage testing to do before heading to camp
Maruia River
After giving the luggage a good thrashing along some rocky trails I made my way to camp; Slab Hut Creek Campsite. A nice little spot right by the river. Mint!
With the evening being warm and the moon lighting up the valley in a pretty spectacular fashion, it made for a great evening around the campfire
The next day started out cool with low cloud as we departed Reefton and headed for the Iron Bridge. However, by the time we reached the start of the New Creek to Denniston track, the clouds lifted, the temperature was perfect and we had epic views out over the mountain ranges
The recent floods left the Mackley River base pretty bouldery all the way across. With river levels higher than normal form the rain a couple of days prior, the crossing was a bit of a rock wrestle
Stefan doing an impression of Toby Price ;)
After knocking off the Mackley, we shot up to Mt Rochfort. I have been up here a number of times now and it never gets old. The views are good for the soul :)
Stef and Fozy
A quick stop off at the Denniston Brake Head Mototoken
Reference Link : Denniston Brake Head
After a fairly tasty pizza at Reefton for tea, darkness set in and it was time to try the new headlight. Good lord, what a light this is! This is a Baja Designs XL80 banging out 9500 lumens. I have used LED H4 bulb replacements claiming to be 7000 lumens but I can confidently say they would be putting out 20% of what the light the XL80 does, at best. The XL80 lights the road in front of you like daylight and makes night riding an absolute hoot!

All in all the trip was a success. It is hard to beat great weather, great tracks and great company! As for the luggage testing, one new design addition was absolutely brilliant but another area needs some redesign. All part of building a product from scratch and to tell you the truth, I am really enjoying the process of designing luggage to perfectly suit lightweight adventure bike setups. As for the new headlight, well, I couldn’t be happier ;)

Author of this article: RMOTO