Lake Waikaremoana Ride


During one of my trips into the North Island I found timing and the weather was on my side to explore the road through Lake Waikaremoana. The plan was to go in at Wairoa through Frasertown and out at Murupara.

I fueled up early in Wairoa and was told by the servo,"the roads a shocker mate", I was a bit apprehensive but anyway that's what it's all about, Right. Google Maps had the distance at 160ks from Wairoa to Murupara with only about 20ks tarseal so I was thinking 3-4 hours with stops, better get goin.

Once I was past Frasertown it was obvious this was going to be one of the Great Rides, the road wound its way through lush green farm land with very little traffic (no campervans) to deal with.

The first point of interest is the Piripaua Power Station just off down a short road to the right (sign posted) check it out there is some great history here.

The gravel section through to the Lake is good but care is needed on blind corners as the road is what I would call a lane and a half. The scenery is top shelf and I was feeling glad I'd taken the time to do the ride.

Once past the Lake the road becomes narrow, single lane and the road surface rough but the native bush makes it all worthwhile.

As you make your way through there are some areas for camping and a Loo.

All up it's a good clip and it took me nearly 4.5 hours with stops, care is needed all the way through as the road is narrow. Despite the servo's comment on the road condition I didn't think it was too bad however I would imagine it could be difficult during winter months.

It's a must do if you are in the area so take your time and soak up the scenery. 


Photo 1 of Lake Waikaremoana Ride
After leaving Frasertown it's not long before you are onto the gravel.
Photo 2 of Lake Waikaremoana Ride
Early into the ride a short divert off Lake Road along Piripaua Road takes you into the Piripaua Power Station.
Photo 3 of Lake Waikaremoana Ride
Lake Whakamarina.
Photo 4 of Lake Waikaremoana Ride
Great views across the lake.
Photo 5 of Lake Waikaremoana Ride
The road narrows as you approach the lake and care should be taken on blind corners.
Photo 6 of Lake Waikaremoana Ride
Opourau Bay, there is a Campsite here.
Photo 7 of Lake Waikaremoana Ride
Photo 8 of Lake Waikaremoana Ride
Mokau Falls. A great spot to get some awesome photos especially after rain
Photo 9 of Lake Waikaremoana Ride
Lake Waikaremoana Bluffs. Claim this as a Token.
Photo 10 of Lake Waikaremoana Ride
The road is average to good condition depending on the weather, not far past here a Grader had left a 6" pile of gravel along the middle of the road for about 10kms.
Photo 11 of Lake Waikaremoana Ride
A quick comfort stop and a brew.
Photo 12 of Lake Waikaremoana Ride
Some camping areas
Photo 13 of Lake Waikaremoana Ride
As you make your way closer to Murupara take care as wild horses and cattle wander on the road. DO NOT assume the cattle will be scared by your presence.
Photo 14 of Lake Waikaremoana Ride
Back onto tarseal well worth the effort. Make sure you have plenty of fuel and time, its a good 4 hour ride conservative.
Author of this article: JimmyPatch