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  • Monowai, Borland, South Manapouri Arm

L. Monowai, Borland rd, South Manapouri Arm

Video from the ride
Queenstown -> Mossburn -> Nightcaps -> Lake Monowai -> Borland rd -> South Manapouri Arm -> The Key -> Queenstown

Sunday plan was to get to South Arm of Lake Manapouri from Queenstown.

Started at 10 am on my DRZ400E. Beautiful Sunday 3rd of November, well over 20 degrees, great day to be out on a bike !

Tiring bit was riding from Queenstown to Mossburn, these bikes are killing your back on open roads... 



Route plan
Queenstown - South Manapouri Arm - Queenstown

Decided to head from Mossburn to Nightcaps ->Ohai- former coal mines and go to Lake Monowai, nice lake people were swimming in it already. Went for a 30 min return walk to the view point- great stretch of the back and keep your legs alive...


Lake Monowai view point

From there real fun begins ! going on a well maintained gravel road to Lake Manaouri- Borland road, it is fun ride with lots of turns going up and down, almost any bike could do it... Views on the way are also great ! and the end looks stunning, nice arm of the lake with beautiful view the only thing as always trilion of sandflies !

Came back via the Key- that streach of the asphalt is also a beauty to ride ! 

Back to Mossburn to get some fuel- NPD - the cheapest in the region !

And another back killer getting all the way back to Queenstown 

It all took about 10 hours and close to 8 hours of riding, 514km, big but beautiful day !

View point on Borland rd
South Arm of Lake Manapouri
Borland rd
Fun part with some stats
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