KTM 500 EXC Fuel Economy

From a series of adventure riding trips totalling 16,000km, I have recorded the distances and fuel consumption rate. The main focus of this was to find out how fuel efficient the 2018 KTM500 EXC is when used in various riding conditions, various riding styles and also when being ridden with and without adventure riding luggage. 

Fuel Economy – Loaded – Conservative Riding

When being tame with the throttle, and just riding to enjoy the scenery, the KTM500 is quite a fuel efficient bike. The average fuel economy for conservative riding is 19.8 kilometres per litre. The best fuel economy I recorded was 20.5 kilometres per litre.

Fuel Economy – Loaded – General Riding

When out adventure riding in a mixture of general and technical terrain, the KTM500 fuel consumption takes a dive from conservative riding, but is still quite respectable. Riding in my happy place, the High Country of New Zealand, the fuel economy sits at an average of 15.4 kilometres per litre. This is riding with fun in mind, but also being mindful not to be too throttle heavy.

Fuel Economy – Not Loaded – Aggressive Riding 

The KTM500 will bang out 63 horsepower when you twist the throttle and it will readily do this with ease. While this provides a big grin and a ton of fun, fuel economy drops quite a bit. When the KTM500 is ridden without trying to conserve fuel, the average fuel economy is 12 kilometres per litre. The lowest I recorded was 10.8 kilometres per litre.

Average KTM 500 Fuel Economy Summary

Conservative Riding: 19.8 kilometres per litre (46.6 US miles per gallon)

General Riding: 15.4 kilometres per litre (36.2 US miles per gallon)

Aggressive Riding: 12  kilometres per litre (28.2 US miles per gallon)


Author of this article: RMOTO