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Mangsang-Dong To Donghae To Vladivostok

15 km from my accommodation to the Ferry, a dordle around the coast on what started as a cloudy cooler day considering last night was an epic thunderstorm and heavy rain it was nice to have the cooler atmosphere which means I wasn't already sticking to my jacket by the time I turned the key on LOL.

Given I had to be at the Ferry Passenger Terminal by 9.00 am I had some time up my sleeve having prepacked 45 while she was under cover inside, warm and dry.

Now for a page of petrolheadism by chance, apologies to the humans who may not understand a lot of this post.

On arrival at the Passenger Ferry Terminal I was already 5th in line having been beaten by the Koreans, riding through the gates and into the yard I was met with 5 MASSIVE smiles, huge thumbs up and the welcoming brotherhood of international motoheadism travellers thicker than home made stodgie soup, it was awesome.

These guys, wow, CRF250, CG11O (1800s), V strom single, a scooter and a Ninja, in the same order down the page for you humans.

CRF 250
CG 110
V Strom
The Scoota
The Ninja
Caught red-handed, smiling and luvin it, these guys are awesome.

These guys were funny, fun and their attitude outstanding, it was a find of treasure for me to meet them, and Sloth Shin (ninja) in the front of the picture above with the red/white cap could speak a little English so he took it upon himself to help, right from when we met, through customs, on the boat to out of the Port in Vladivostok when we all waved goodbye, legend and good bastid.

Gezz, could not have been a more welcoming and nice surprise, anyway, customs was easy although EVERYTHING was screened, pulled apart and examined and the customs girl then asked "do you have any weapons like guns or explosives" (seriously) …I just smiled and larfed, not known for their sense of humour (customs) she broke out with a smile as she pretty well knew she had asked what would seem to be a moot question after stripping all luggage and finding every corner and we were good.

Lining up for customs

Loading onto the boat the motos had priority so up we went…and inside, a Harley with a guitar, DRZ400, a Monkey bike (the Monkey bike heading for Africa), an XT660, KTM 1190 Adventure a Landcruiser overlander and some Dakar Racing trucks.

It was a total petrolhead and Dieselstack session with not a normal civi car in sight, kinda unusual and we were all surprised needless to say the cameras went mad and the Korean shipping workers were shooing me away from the Dakar trucks, I managed to risk my life and rat off a coupla pics tho.

45, the invisible girl not parked or loaded on the ship ...more to come
Yeap a big guitar
The Japanese owner of this bike worked for Suzuki and was part of the engineering team that did the DR series (I nearly threw him overboard LOL)
Yes a Monkey bike headed for South Africa, dude was so cool.
Finally the Dakar racing truck, there were two more 6x6 support trucks in front of this.
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