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Saturday 23rd November In Sophia

..and so I wake in the morning and step outside and I take deep breath an get real high an I, I scream to the top of my lungs what’s going on?? One Non Blonde

What’s this city thing, it was busy, noisy, trams rolling and clanging away, cellphones walking up the street talking to their people…yes why worry about global warming (apart from it being a commercial bullshit scam anyway), cellphones will single-handedly bring the population down stewing them one by one, they are a disease beyond pandemic proportions...just take a look around.

It had stopped raining which was nice but it was very cold, three layers involving 2 layers of icebreaker and a Klim fleece top to lock out the breeze and a beanie to seal off the lid were in order.

While the sun was having an attempt at writing the script the clouds wrote the storyline for the rest of the day keeping temperatures low and small breeze chiming in as a groupie just to finish it off, a good coffee indoors in a café downtown and watch the Sophia cellphones take their humans for a walk was in order. (I say that loosely but I was astounded).

Being in the centre it is very touristy, I was walking along the path and a lady from a shop …”we have up to 70% of sunglasses”…I thought ok here is a chance to see if my credit will work and buy some sunnies.

By the time they took the 70% off their 400% inflated prices, they were still not cheap at 3 times the price so I didn’t even need to test my card, (Bulgarian Leva is within a few % of the Kiwi dollar).

My intention was to join the free walk at 10.00 am, I woulda got halfway towards town and realized I forgot the camera, heading back to my room to pick up the camera I missed the tour, no biggy I did a 12.9 km walk seeing what I wanted to see and do, still tired I knocked off early and had a nanny rest in the arvo.

Here are some pictures of the locale of ruins from yesteryear.

On buildings covered over by the new city
More ruin being uncovered and preserved from the weather
One of the newest fossils there manufactured in New Zealand and a modern building
Some art near town centre
Do I really have to say....
More old town.

Sunday 24th November 2019 In Sophia

Final day of my trip and Europe, I must say now without handlebars and not being able to go and do things easily having to walk or get transport changes the whole gig.

My mind is sorted and settled and I am happy going home, I must say I am seriously looking forward to sitting in the warm sun with Chrasta on our deck over looking the lake with a cold cider in my hand, might involve some chocolate too.

I have made the 29400 km trip without a crash, laid 45 down once gracefully on the Old Kolyma Road and no-one accept Anatoly saw so pictures or it didn’t pictures!! ...but on vid.

My wee Yamaha WR250R weapon really is due the credit as I am not a supa dupa rider, I am competent to a point and adventurous enough to say “fuck it lets give it a go” unless death could be on the horizon.

So with 45 I had a stomp across Sophia, back pedal to the previous night I was about to turn off the lights and phone and a notification came through on FB saying Fern Hume was in Sophia... some quick messages and we were able to meet the following day. SAWEEET

My look around another part of town netting some cool places.  

Local dairy I think LOL
Intricate work

Sitting down for lunch I had to eat my last food or biff it, I had too much and for the luck of it some Bulgaridoves helped me out...good bastids, so friendly for food one got up on my foot. 

I caught up with Ferdy and Fern in town, we had a coupla drinks and talked shit for part of the avo which was well cool.

Great to catch up again and ironically in a city none of us had been to or planned to be at on this date, purely luck.

Ferdy, Fern and me.

The Airport And Home

Time up, game over, the end etc, they all fit.

Getting to the airport with my floppy body bag luggage I opted for a taxi, straight there to the terminal door no issues.

Sophia to Doha 4 hrs

Doha to Seeeedneeey 14 hrs

Seeeeeedneeey to Queenstown 3 hrs 

Plus waiting and travel times was 36 hours all up...bit of a marathon.

My bonus in Seeeedneeey was meeting up with Richard Bullock ex Wanaka now living there in OZ, we caught up for breakfast at the airport which was well cool.  

Obnoxious bastid I told him to wave LOL

Into Queenstown and customs they took my tent apart to check it but all good, I had cleaned it and my pegs and poles etc, my lareg steak knives from Uzbekistan creating interest but no drama.

Wasn't long and I was picked up by a hotasianrasta with a cool white ute and we were on our way home.

Was so cool to come over the hill and see Lake Wanaka again for the first time in nearly 6 months. That my friends is the end, finished, doneburger and over the line unscathed which is a nice with itchy feet we are planning the next one.

Thank you to all who followed along and enjoyed the recording of 6 months of my life, I have had an epic trip, I have seen and done some cool shit on my bucket list, ticked off a lot of "I wonna do" before I clock out and I still have time to pack more in. Having survived and in one piece to tell the story as well is a major plus....stoked.

Cheers Andi

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