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Motocamp Bulgaria

My final ride destination and the end safely in sight, sorta cool but kinda sad. Stoked to be able to go home and see Ellen but sad my ride is complete and now over.

Now I get to go home and see my little alien and make plans for the next big adventure ... that to come. 

Not sure whether she is saying shit he is coming back or Wohhoh he is coming back LOL.

My final fling with Miss Bulgaria, she wasn't making the game easy and was getting me wet and cold.

I think it was her way of saying time to go home and enjoy the warmth of summer worries with that!!!  

With the wind howling across and the leaves blowing around I took the good advice and headed to Motocamp, the safety of the finish line safely in the bag.

My final road photo, the weather cutting in and it was blowing like hell.
OMK TV, sorry for the shit audio ...was really crap wind and extremely cold...I guess you get the feeling for it anyway

I have to admit my packing went very well, Ivo from Moto camp  lending me some weight scales so I can get my packing correct and make sure I am not overweight...I didn't think I would be and many people ask how much my luggage weighs.

So now I can tell you with authority having measured it down to the corner.

Weight of luggage was 22.6 kg plus 2 kg including spare levers, spare tubliss tubes, chain links etc so 24.6kg complete, not bad for four season travel including cooker, bottles, tent, sleeping bag, spares and all, I also had some spare shit I never used which was a selfie stick and tripod as well and 2 drybags which are included in the weight.

The biggest variable is water and food. 

So 45, Yamasoldier, nothing less than an outstanding wee bike, I can not credit how cool she has been and how easy she is to ride in some difficult places.

She is up for sale however to make way for a 2 up steed for Ellen and me to travel, if it wasn't so expensive to ship her home I would do it in a heartbeat and continue using her in New Zealand. 

45, had a shower and washed her at the car wash and she come up like new.
No makeup needed on this young lady, she still looks good after dancing in the rain, mud, snow, water and sun.

Friday 22nd I head to Sophia so I can spend Saturday and Sunday having a look around doing civilian and human type things, Sunday 24th I take the first tin goose to Doha, then Doha to Seeedneeey, then Seeedneeey to Queenstown.   

Sophia to come......


A beautiful and sexy name for a city.

My luggage was an unusual shape, could not find a sports bag to put the stuff in so got a bar b q cover, my three old tie downs and some ducktape, no need for the block of wood LOL.

Kiwi bag bro

Unloading from the bus in Sophia the driver snagged my bar b cover/bag on the locker door and the ducktape ripped it making my bag/bar b q bag floppy and more difficult to carry.

I picked it up loosely bundling it back together and just started to walk, my cellphone bailed out of my pocket and I did a “Bend It Like Beckham” kick managing to boot my phone squarely between the feet of a young girl like a human goalpost.

She watched my phone hurtle towards her and fly right through (no doubt in her mind she was thinkin fuck this guy is good) and out the other side straight onto the road and into a puddle as it was pissing down.

She promptly turns around races over and picks it up and hands it back to me with what sounded like apologies as my phone was dripping wet and covered in road scud, no worries but I could not explain it is waterproof, her mum was horrified at the state of my phone though offering her hanky to clean it.

Thinkin to myself, I wonder what I can do for my next trick to impress these guys… I sheepishly and thankfully walked to my accommodation which was only 190 meters away from the bus, this was no accident, this was me trying not to carry 25 kg of floppy luggage too far.

Arriving at my accommodation it had been cancelled, my credit card had failed despite having funds, being valid bla bla bla (can’t beat cash)!!! Luckily the room was still available and I had some USD which I changed.

After de-stressing, shower and putting on some clean dry civilian clothes I stepped out for a wander around town.

Now this is where I felt weird, after sitting in a bus for the avo, watching the sleet and heavy fall and not having access to 45 I felt free for some stupid reason. This stupid feeling stuck around for a good 2 minutes and 23 seconds when a newer Africa twin came around the corner and roared past with a party pipe on and sounded stunning...they are not hard to look at either.

That moment I came back to reality realizing I was extremely happy to be an inmate from the psycho-prison of international motorcycle adventuring and I felt inspired again, I must have been low on blood sugars or something thinking I was human for a moment there, was a lucky escape LOL.  

R i g h t , back to the unusual program, it was cold, raining and pretty unwelcoming, I was in a large city which I really try and stay away from usually and nothing had really gone my way since stepping out of the bus other than seeing the moto hoon past.

I quick dinner of Snitzel and chips with a salad settled me in for a good night's kip although my mind was racing a little making sure I have all my ducks in a row for my big departure. 

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