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Turkey Sum Up And The Heart Speaks

Ok, so I only scratched the top edge, not really a fair go as Turkey is huge and has WAY more to offer.

Knowing this I covered what I could given mum nature is drawing in the winter curtain as I hit the exit door thus making the cooler part inaccessible due to ice and snow.

This became apparent very quickly when I landed on my arse while taking a picture on the way to Siran.

This is the exact point in Turkey where I said to myself that will do, save it for drier times, riding pack ice on 2 wheels ...nah.

There is SO much more than I can ever imagine, talking with local bikers in Safranbolu there is so much to see and do it would be easy to spend months looking we will, but not in winter.

Cost-wise it was slightly more spendie than its neighbours to the east, Turkey really is the link between east and west, you note this immediately over the border with road conditions and services…but you pay for it.

Again this is a country with deep history, something we will get into the next round.

The Heart Speaks.

Not knowing anyone and finding my feet was hard to start with, although this has been the norm for every country I seem to struggle a little here, while the Turkish people are very nice I found the first approach trying to find something out they could not be bothered. I found this in Hopa which is slightly terrorouisty so maybe that was why.

Once I got on their wave length things did change but the Turkish people did take a little more work from a foreigners perspective and that is no slap on Turkish people just how their customs and ways are.

Turkey is one place I defo want to come back too and I believe Ellen will like it's hoping eh.   

Veliko Tarnovo - Bulgaria

No pics from Varna to here, was just paved roads etc so no FLATMs.

Veliko Tarnovo is known for its history and castles etc, now my tour was shallowbastid101 which is more looking at the engineering structural side, the ticket office dude could not figure out why I wanted to look outside rather than in.

My first attempt was rinsed away with the weather gods deciding I needed another wash so a failed mission.

Being in a nice hostel with super cool hosts and a heater and being very tired I decided to hang another day, a sleep in... breaky then on my way to terrorize more Veliko Tarnovians. They are an understanding mob here the bridge is closed but motos are able to cross….coul.

Motos are go!

One of the main features of this town is the huge statues and spire.

It is really hard to realize how big this is from the photo, luckily I engaged a remote control drone human to do the scale model thing so you can appreciate the magnificence of it.

Central Veliko Tarnovo with the famous U bend
Spot the red drone at the bottom

Now around the outside of this famous U bend in the river the houses are perched on rocked cliff faces, some ballsy builds being done and would have taken some effort. They have been there a while so I guess they are built well, not sure I woukd wonna be there in a big quake. 

No front neighbours here.

Town is very nice, old town and new town intermingle, there are touristy shops and spots with a nice vibe about it. A few murals here and there depicting its past. This one is large being a complete wall of the end of a three storey building. 

Lot of work to do this one

Round the corner to its famous neighbour and the main attraction for Veliko Tarnovo is Tsarevets Царевец.

Its history starts in the 2nd century BC and the main fort built in the 5th Century so history is deep here, little bit more than NZ. 

The main affair Tsarevets Царевец.
The bold entry to avoid unwanteds

Some pretty serious security back then without cameras, the bridge to the entry has a gap of 7-8 metres with a 20 metre clear gap/void underneath so nothing will jump across, the old door pulled up to the tower, this info of course is there full time.  

The fort first entry
Serious shit if you get it wrong.

Walking back through to town the original streets were very skinny and steep in places, all stonework and rough as well in places.

Also, when missing a lamp post and you need to take wiring across the street, easy as, pick a tree, at least it will get safer as time goes on with the wires getting higher. 

Small cobbled streets
Temporary permanent power pole
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