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Azerbaijan Sum Up And The Heart Speaks

Right from getting off the boat it seemed to be a bit of drama firstly with my online ticket payment which they couldn't find then the hostel that I needed to sell the bike so I could afford to stay the night.

Azerbaijan is one big speed trap, you have to have eyes in the back of your head and all the way around the side would be helpful.

While I had no problem at all with the Police I was on edge all the time hearing horror stories of massive fines mounting into the hundreds for silly small stuff.

Then the hotel I stayed at with Mahsa and Gerald was not ideal, for some reason most of Azerbaijan and I did not gell although the people in Ismaili were cool.

For me more of a transit country rather than a must see or do unless you like modern cities as Baku is pretty much one massive 1st world shopping mall.

The Hearts Speaks

Well I didn't stick around long enough or find anything that I really wished Ellen was there for so in essence it was just one country that I went through, it was also markedly more expensive than its neighbours so for me it was a bit meh considering it was not really wowing.


Georgia Sum Up And The Heart Speaks

Whoa, what can I say….shitloads actually.

Firstly my apology for arriving late to essentially miss the partly due to weather.

Right from the entry of the Border guard asking how many dead bodies I had in my bags was so coul and I had a smile on my dial which was so welcoming, dude was coul and not only made my day but the whole start to Georgia.

Shame on me for turning up late to the party as Omalo was closed because of a large slip and the impending snow that subsequently put the wax seal on it.

Was a shame but you know what, I have a bloody good excuse that I fucked up so we need to come back to make it right LOL, nonetheless, the eye candy served up to me even trying to get there was a taste of a platter I want to come back and eat more of.

With tale between my legs I settled for the lower lands and even so I was still blessed with being able to look around and enjoy, Georgian food and wine too, yeap worthwhile.

Next trip we will allow plenty of time to sus out more goodies and cool places, something Georgia is not short of.

The Heart Speaks

So ok, being in such a nice place and not being able to share is harder than a place that is a bit ….meh.

Good thing and the positive side is that I know WE will be back and WE will be covering virgin territory for quite a bit of it, now the Chrasta (Chinese Rasta) is a Mountain and lakes chickie so I know in my heart she will love Georgia too, this trip is after all is a recce trip to find out where to go and where not to get to concerned about going back…also for me to clobber the more offroadie stuff that is not chickie101 compatible.

Given the pictures of Dagestan region in Russia which bounds Georgia this will be included, thanks to Stu and Jen for lighting that fire.

My only regret with Georgia is not getting there sooner but one must travel places to find things out and know what you want which is the essence of this trip, in moto terms unfortunately the corners are all tied together by straight boring shit and the same applies to travel, you have to sort through the spuds to get to the licorice.  

Chrasta ... 8-)

Armenia Sum Up And The Heart Speaks

So, you cannot cross from Azerbaijan to Armenia...cos.

You cannot cross from Armenia to Turkey…cos.

You can get into Armenia from Georgia because they are still mates.

While I don’t know the full ins and out of the border scraps it made for interesting travel, Armenia is certainly beautiful and for a lot of it higher in elevation than Georgia…noting colder.

The big snow storm that blasted it only a few days prior made for chilly riding, note my apology for Georgia.

I think at least the north and mid section were ok, the southern section across to the Iran end was well cool and stunning scenery, the trouble is looking from Armenia to Iran …the grass is always greener on the other side.

My fascination for Iran now kindled more and higher up the list, is my list getting shorter….ha no way!...much cheaper to stay at home and gork on the computer…but being there IS everything.

The Heart Speaks

Again, when in special places it is hard as not sharing saying FUCK look at that does make you feel more solo.

Although this mission was always to be solo there are parts in your heart that still remind you of the FLATM (Fuck look at that moments) so with that in mind return to Armenia is imminent.

Iran, not in this equation but the heart says need to go there and again I know in my heart the Chrasta would love it too, a special thank you to the Police man who stopped and gave me the Armenian flag for 45, good bastid and made my day.

Karaburun Turkey To Tsarevo Bulgaria

My final border crossing by land, the last ride out of Turkey and non-eventful which could be determined as ok.

Getting to and through the border was a 20 minute affair complete, the usual good goodbyes and welcomes, this makes for a pleasant day and so easy compared to Central America.

Into Bulgaria I rocked into the first town, check fuel prices, food and accommodation to get feet on the ground.

It was cold, even in the sun I was feeling it and the lady gave me a price at a basic hostel/hotel which I thought was too spendie, I opted to go coastal to the lower land at the Black Sea knowing it will be a couple of degrees warmer.

Arriving at Tsarevo it turned out to be Queenstown in Bulgaria and yeap the hotel (1 of only 2 open) in the whole town was even spendier!!!!

I had to suck it up, no camping signs on the way in etc so that was that.

In town there is the remains of a shipwreck stern piece and the prop had been in a pub scrap and a half. 

Check out the prop
Nearly all solid purple heart hardwood

Being in a new country it is always good to find out the locale and establish the worth of goodies and see how things happen.

Bulgaria has 5 neighbours which bound its borders, Romania, Serbia, North Macedonia, Greece and Turkey and of course it shares common ground with the black sea.    

Not sure where this is but I will look it up

In winter the seaside town just simply close, I mean NO-ONE around closed, it is weird but I can understand that not much sunbathing will be done in clouds 3-4 degrees.

1 of the many winter ghost towns.
Not many topless chics out today 8-(

Not only the towns deserted but the road too, I reckon I could pitch my tent in the middle of the road and not bother anyone.  

Not a single vehicle in sight

With wifi etc I could then plan my next stop knowing I could get a better deal but I have to say my breakfast that was included was excellent and the big Russian lady made awesome coffee, I ended up having 2.

Tsarevo To Varna

An uneventful start, great day and cold the theme seems to be sticking at the moment with winter edging its way in.

I poked my nose in and out of beachs along the coast, deserted towns are nearly everything closed for the season, entire massive hotels in darkness, no cars or people was kinda surreal.

With the inclement weather chasing me up there wasn't too much time to sit and smell the roses so I kept the train rolling to get to my destination.   

Looking back towards Turkey where I had come from looking decidedly darker, now it can be the Black Sea
At the end of a land breakwater looking out to the Black Sea

Then the entertainment started, now I am a little unsure if it was or wasn’t but this is what happened.

Riding down the road, Police came the opposite way, 80 km/hr speed limit and I was doing

We passed and I carried on as did they, just around the next bend maybe half a km from where we passed each other there was a supermarket so I pulled in to grab some bread etc for lunch cos I had scoffed all my supplies.

I had just pulled my helmet off and there were sirens with the Police car coming around the corner pretty briskly….the passenger policeman saw me and pointed me out to the driver…so 100 metres past the supermarket their lights and siren went off and their emergency seemed to have sorted itself.

Thinking nothing of it I pissed around and get my money etc out and the police car comes into the carpark with both officers looking at me, they pull into a park 3 along from me.

I didn’t know what to do as I felt slightly intimidated but knowing all my ducks are in a row paperwork wise I thought what they hell so I took a picture then went inside. Got my stuff came back out and they were still sitting there, now I am thinking to myself what the hell they will have schemed up, Bulgarian Police are high on the list of beer money takers in the EU.  

Hmmm, not sure whether beer money was on the go or if their emergency suddenly sorted itself out, seemed pretty odd however when I pulled out of the supermarket they didn’t follow…strange, still I was happy with that.

Hmmm not sure what their gig was but when the camera came out they turned away...

Back to the unusual programme the rest of the coastal resorts were all empty bar 1 or 2 people kicking around and when I rode past they looked at me like I was an alien (they are on to me LOL) …Bulgaria is strange....not really J/K

I found a hostel on Ioverlander so plugged that in to Mrs.Garmin, too easy in a big city, I arrived…fuck me the pace is all locked up and in darkness, I managed to hook onto someones wifi and jump on Booking to find a place which ended up being far better location and the hostel owners really cool, the hostel owners wife baking some fresh cinnamon apple muffins and giving me 4 of them and another resident for the night from Sophia bought me a pottle of yogurt saying it was Bukgarias best and very good for me, thanks mate it was bloody good.

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