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Kefken To Karaburun

Drizzle, that was my greeting when I opened the curtains.

Breaky at 8.00 am then on the road, slippery and wet, the autumn leave providing an extra pucker factor.

It wasn’t long before the drizzle cleared and sunshine appeared, I stopped at a  waterfront that I imagine would be manic I high season

Nice waterfront

Given today was all asphalt that didn’t mean I had to hand in my fun keys, doing what I do best which is staying off 4 lane flat boring motorways I headed coastal to small roads, assuming they were all paved, as it turned out not totally paved.


Nice wee twisty road to play on.

Picking the seaside and green bits on the map I made my way in a pretty relaxed fashion however even on my stress free small back road Turkey is flat out making MASSIVE roads everywhere.

Won’t be long and the tranquil part will be alive with traffic noise.

Motorway in the making

Further down the road narrowed and turned to dirt, there was these unusual hills, only about 30 metres high but with large rain grooves, it obviously gets very wet here.

There is mining going on there, I do not know what they are mining tho. Interesting the unusual hills were like bentonite clay. 

Rutted clay mounds

Then came the blood red lake, the colour was a very deep blood red, the smell like wet concrete (25Mpa) there were skull and crossbones signs everywhere so I decided not to go for a swim LOL.

The colour deepened quickly with the depth of the water turning almost black within a metre or so.

I would be very interesting to know the chemical composition of what is making it up.

Awesome colour
Look into the depths
Perspective putting the bike in the pic
See the colour change

Being coastal I stopped at a nice wee beach which I had to myself for a short while, a couple turned up in their car

Lunch spot

Karaburun was the destination and an early knock-off, given it had warmed up and the sun was out it turned out to be a good choice.

I took the opportunity to have a walk and a look around, relax for the avo. I am in fashion

Sitting out on the rock abutment was cool, the waves crashing around some were actually quite big, at one point I had an accidental shower.

Some fisherman in the distance as well, not sure how well they did.

Ellen and I were talking on Wechat in the evening, was cool to catch up face to face but the wifi wasn’t really playing ball.

Ellen was speaking and I was getting about ½ the conversation, I said to her let's change to voice only, we did and she carried on chatting saying she has a few jobs lined up will send me back to work…. I said let's change back to video call cos it sounds like you want me to go back to work …I was better off with only ½ the conversation when I could see her LOL….see you soon LOL.

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