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Safranbolu To Kefken

Getting a good start I had some local knowledge telling me where to go…nicely.

Was a total pavement day so I had no expectations of anything wowing ….yeah.

First a wee paved road which I managed to find a dirt road shortcut too then Seven Lakes Turkeys version, I thought I was done with dodgy bridges in Russia but hey one more won’t hurt and this one does not have gigantic holes in it and it has side rails.

Not so dodgy bridge

No sooner I had made it to the entry of seven lakes road and I was regretting not having our big camera, the autumn colours in full blast making for a backdrop and a half.

The bonus of travelling slightly off/end of season and I pretty much had the road to myself.   

The road heading into the lakes
The colours were just so cool

Further up into the lakes the road is cobbled, I have to say with the cobbled road and autumn colours it was stunning, chuck in the odd Yamaha and look a perfect picture. 

N i c e

Getting to the first of the lakes I wasn't quite alone, there were a few others milling around and having picnics, although it was coolish it was still very nice in the sun. 

1st lake
2nd lake

As you progress up the valley there are of course seven lakes, they all vary in size, there is a walking track around them all and steep and walkway between the lakes so it is very nicely done.

I would seem you can camp there too, there are food stall and cafes as well so no one will be left hungry or wanting.   

Bridges leading over the creeks between the lakes

The trees at the top lake with the sun nestling in behind.

So my autumn ride day was turned into a stunning ride with a little gravel biffed in for fun. 

Thank you Turkey for turning it on and thanks to the lads at Safranbolu for telling me where to go. 

Tree candy LOL.

From there the road returned to normal and I made it into Kefken, the only hotel open was funny, the wifi acting up and weirdo messages springing up on my screen.

I managed to get one message translated and basically it said the bill had not been paid so there was no internet.

The only bumma to an otherwise awesome day was at a restaurant the Hotel owner recommended, while the food was ok the owner tried to stiff me come payment time, luckily we had agreed the price on the google translate which included salad and a drink, he then tried to charge me again for the salad and I said no, it got heated so I said I would get the Police.

I started to walk off and things got even more heated, then it took a turn against him as he called over a local guy who could speak English.

So my meal was 35.00, he wanted to then charge 40.00, after discussions with the local guy who could speak English and he heard and saw my google translate writing the local guy took 5.00 off my bill and made it 30.00 giving that to the restaurant guy who was unhappy. The local guy said to me 30.00 is enough and yelled at the restaurant guy, I knew at that point I was right to stand my ground as he had obviously seen my white hair and rubbed his hands together. 

The local guy and restaurant owner came close to fisticuffs and a few other locals joined the local guy talking (yelling) the restaurant owner down, now I can't speak a word of Turkish and I am guessing most of you can't (except Orhan if you are reading this) but you can guess what was being said.

Now for one guy who wanted to stiff me there would have been 8-10 who were arguing with the restaurant owner so Turkish people you still have my vote as good bastids despite one or two which you will find anywhere.  

Thas was the scene, people gettin done over LOL
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