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Giresun To Safranbolu

From Gerisun I was just going coastal and a ride along the Black sea.

To be honest for dude who likes looking around the next corner it wasn’t a massively inspiring ride but pleasant nonetheless.

The one thing I really loved was the fact it was MUCH warmer so I stopped to take the place in and ditch my jacket.

Jacket off stop, dude was fishing but not a lot of action goin on

Another scenic shot stop was just before a tunnel and a small peninsula which was pretty cool, conditions were warm and calm so nice to be honest.

Cool rock face
One of many tunnels along the coast

Zipping in and out of headland and diving off the main drag was my mission, you get to see lots more when you do this, yeah takes time but you have to make the effort or you just scoot past never knowing. This time was to a Lighthouse, only a little fella but cool.

As luck would have it lunchtime arrived just as I got hungry …again, couldn’t believe my luck. Exit stage right onto tranquil beachfront and had a scoff, some chewy thing I bought with nuts in it and some fresh bread and Nutella.

Wasn’t long and I drew some attention again with curious locals stopping to ask where I was from, standard issue travel question really.


Sinop was my destination, I had fun finding a place with parking as it is all old town, very narrow and they didn’t have parking building 100 years ago.

Sorted and settled I took my feet for a walk, the old ruins in town providing a playground for photographers and tourists, a café and bar at the top for those who worked up a sweat getting there the reward as well as epic views of the city and sea. 

Looking to the top
At the top
More at the top

Old town and new town migrate well, old town is the tourist hub with lots happening, quite a neat place, fish markets and restaurants everywhere as well as hotels with no parking.

Old and new city

Sinop done and dusted I took the long way around the peninsula, stunning day but gezz it was very cold. I had organised a stay at Safranbolu through the Bunk A Bike site.

For some unknown reason I didn't take the camera out all day, further to that I forgot to take it out that night.

I have to admit I was very tired which probably didn't help, Akgün Karakaya of Safranbolu was my host, great guy and two other Turkish riders were there too.

2 Wines for the night and I was feeling ok. 

Sinop Top
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