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Hopa To Yomra

I can’t help myself, bein right on the Black sea but lookin at the mountains.

Being late in the season my options are definitely getting skinnier with snow and ice.

Up and out of Hopa passing reservoirs and dams I made it to the Zig Zig section….. gone, replaced by mega number of tunnels, I lost count.

Very very nice
Water reservoirs

The road network in Turkey is unreal after coming from the Stans etc, everything is mint condition, the amount of new tunnels under construction is unreal, the road goes straight into the mountain face and they just bang a massive double lane both ways (so 2 tunnels side by side with 2 lanes each).

Dozens, literally dozens of tunnels
In between the tunnels

I wasn’t long and I was off the main onto a small backroad sometimes only as wide as a truck and looking at some damage on the buildings maybe a little less.

Lunchtime arrived at lunchtime which was lucky (don’t want it to interrupt my afternoon tea) and I peeled open a brand new girlievirgin Nutella which was just blooding awesome.

The late afternoon sun shining through making great colours for autumn and making for great viewing, the strobe of the light shafts making for interesting riding into shadowed corners.

Cool pinnacles
Cool gorges to go in and out
Nutta Tella 8-/

The finale for the day, Tunnel Ovit, 14346 m in total (yes 14.3km long), I took a big breath on the way in.

Never ridden in a tunnel this long before but to be fair the air was not toooo bad

Yomra To Giresun

A short scoot along the waterfront then turn left into the mountains, that is what should have happened but someone who looks like me forgot to change the GPS so I had to do a double back after doing WAY too much waterfront accidentally.

My penalty, I hit it with a bit of gusto to make up for my lost time, at about 90 km/hr I hit something large that hit my visa like a stone, it splattered covering my view.

Whatever it was I know the last thing that went through his mind was his arse, made a helluva mess so I had to stop at a gas station and wash it all off, glad I had my visor down at the time or it could have resulted in quite an injury.     

Not much to say on this ride other than my destination changed due to road conditions, my turning point was at Siran and yes it was slightly icy.

Someone had bailed off in the ice and smacked the Siran sign.
Yeap solid ice, I arsed over when I got off 45 so it was a wee warning which I have now heeded.

I had planned to stay in the mountains in a smaller village but with the road being closed I had to head back over the mountains to the sea again.

Final dirt road
Cool bridge
Police bikes in Gerisun, Africa Twins and BMW 1200 GS

Now for the formal part.

Today was also Kyle McKitterick’s birthday which marks one year since he was killed on his moto in New Zealand, Keiron, Gaz and Tracey and few other criminals took Kyle for his final skid, the downside to my travel is missing this event. 

At the summit closest to the clouds today I gave him a wave knowing he is looking down on us lads and lookin after us, I know a lot of you guys have seen this before but I don't ever forget your friends in life, R.I.P mate.

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Seeya mate!
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